Three Up And Coming Clothing Companies In 2018

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Choose The Right Sewing Labels For Your Project

Something as straightforward as a sewing label can have major repercussions in how the overall piece looks and how the brand perceived by the public. This is why paying attention to how the sewing labels are selected makes a difference … Continue reading

Quick and easy way to rebrand your garment using custom iron on clothing labels

Iron on heat transfer labels (sometimes referred to as hot seal labels) are still gaining in popularity because they offer an easy way for designers and manufacturers to brand their merchandise. Applying iron on transfers can be a faster process than the traditional woven or printed clothing labels. Continue reading

The UPC Barcode Isn’t Dead Yet

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Eco-friendly Recycled Paper Hang Tags

The paper has the look and feel of a vintage felt type fibers with a natural cream tone. This tag will compliment a variety of clothing styles like Bohemian, Modern, Vintage and Retro. Continue reading