Customer Engagement: Ideas That Work for Your Business

For any business, its customers are supreme. The products that are created are done so keeping the demand and requirement of the customers in mind. The customer is always right. The brand that is able to engage its customers is a successful brand. This is why customer engagement has become very important in the current market scenario. Customers have a very short attention span. In order to keep them engaged and interested in your brand and product, constant change are required. A decade or so ago, customers were not so complex. Relationship between a brand and its customers was easily maintained. But it is not so in todays digital world. Nowadays, a lot of effort needs to be put in by the brand to develop and maintain this relationship.

Here are a few ideas that would help in developing a good customer engagement and relationship:

  • USING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: We all know how important social media has become in the past decade or do. This has given a lot of advantage to both the brands and the customers. The brands can have interactive websites and advertisements for their customers. This helps in developing a close relationship between the businesses and the customers. A single post on social media can help interact with the customers. The brand does not need to be physically present to make a connection with its customers. This saves a lot on advertising budget and can be effective round the clock, instead of just when the BTL activities would be taking place. Leveraging social media to increase customer engagement is the most effective way of doing so.


  • PROVIDING FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES: If your product is good, then let the product speak for itself. If the customers don’t know your brand, then inform them about it with free samples. If they are already aware of your products, free product sampling will just make them happy, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like free stuff? Customers can be engaged by giving free samples of a new product, or the old products can be reinforced, as this would get them to try the products out.


  • ENCOURAGE CUSTOMER REVIEWS/SURVEYS: Customer reviews and surveys are the perfect way to get inside your customers head. These surveys will give you an idea about what your target audience prefers and what it wants. For example, if you run a clothing business, a survey will help you determine the fabric, the cut, the color, the kind of label your customers want. The surveys can be as specific as you want them to be. In the current example, you can go on to ask which label kind would the customers prefer out of woven labels, heat transfer labels or printed fabric This is why customer reviews and surveys should be encouraged. The results can help you give your customers what they want.


  • LEARN AND LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS SPECIFIC NEEDS: Every brand has a particular target market and engaging this target market is the key to success for any business. Listening to the customer’s specific needs is what makes a brand stand out from its competitors. The lessons you learn from the insight into their needs can help modify the product to make it perfect for the customers. This insight can also help in the development of future products.


  • BUILD CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH YOUR POINT OF SALE: Your sales staff needs to be trained enough to be able to work on building relationships with the customers. The goal of the sales representatives must be in line with that of the brand. Relationships can be built and worked upon at the point of sale.


  • USE VIDEOS TO HUMANIZE YOUR PRODUCT: Humanizing your product is a relatively new concept that helps in giving life to your product. It gives the customers the idea that the product is not just a money-making entity, but it is there in the market to satisfy their specific needs. The videos can give detailed messages, using public figures or influencers that give your product a purpose. The customers need to feel that the product was created just for them. The videos can help give your brand an avatar they can actually relate to and have a relationship with.


  • ADD INTERACTIVE CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET: As mentioned before, social media and online stores and websites can help create a connection between the brand and the customers. Interactive content on the pages and websites are the new and more effective way to increase customer engagement. The interactive content will get the customers involved with your brand.
  • SPEND TIME CREATING THE PERFECT POST: The content on your website or the tagline on your advertisement makes a lot of difference. Content is king. One wrong word can put you in the bad books with the customers, and one good word can do the opposite. Therefore, you need to spend time in creating the perfect post. The message needs to be well thought out, keeping the preferences of the target market in mind. The post needs to attract customers and increase interaction. Research what are the current interests of your customers and use that for your post.


  • FOLLOWING UP ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is another way to gauge what your customers think of your brand. You need to know the level of satisfaction your product and services are providing the customers. If there is room for improvement, do so quickly. Regular customer satisfaction surveys can help the brand keep its good reputation.


  • OFFER QUICK CUSTOMER SERVICE: A brands customer service says a lot about it. This is one of the major areas where you can develop a relationship with your customers. The customers may not remember the product but they will always remember how well or how poorly they were treated by your company. This is why an immaculate customer service is necessary to create customer engagement.
Customer Engagement: Ideas That Work for Your Business
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Customer Engagement: Ideas That Work for Your Business
Here are a few ideas that would help in developing a good customer engagement and relationship
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