How It’s Made: Woven Clothing Labels

Everyone knows how important a label is for any clothing. It can carry important information, such as the material of the cloth, how it is supposed to be washed, and ironed, the sizing, and various other crucial details. However, have you ever wondered how such a label is created?









Here’s a step-by-step guide on how woven labels are made.

Step 1: Artwork Creation

The first step to creating a woven label is actually designing what the label will look like. You can do this on a computer, the old-fashioned way and use pen and paper OR the most common modern method of using a cell phone app to assist in the file creation. This step seems easy, but can actually be quite hard because most companies that offer woven labels need a high resolution vector image in order to produce the best results. To insure the best image, we prefer file types like .pdf, .cdr, .ai or .eps.

You have to consider the size, shape, and color of the label. You have to think about how you will incorporate your brand logo or you might decide to not include it at all. Don’t forget to leave room at the edges where the label will be folded.

Step 2: Creating a Stitch File

Once the art and design are ready, we take your file and create a stitch file used by the loom . Creating a stitch file helps transfer your design to the embroidery or loom machine. Stitch files are created in the language of these machines so they know what kind of stitches and designs they have to create.

Digital Stitch File

Step 3: Setting Up the Loom

With the stitch file ready, the loom technicians have to enter it in the loom machine so that it can read the design and then, accordingly, create the weaving pattern to develop the clothing label.







Step 4: Running the Loom

Depending on the type of woven clothing label you require will determine what type of loom is used in your label creation. Some types of looms are broad loom, needle loom, air jet and shuttle looms. See the video below to see our looms in action.

Step 5: Finishing

The final step of creating a woven clothing label is folding or fusing the edges. There are several options here too. You can have a straight cut label, or labels with different kinds of folds, such as the miter fold, end fold, center fold, Manhattan fold, and so on.

It will depend on the type of clothing the label will go on as well as your preference. According to whatever fold you decide, the label might have to be folded and sewn to attach to your clothing line. Here are the most common options.

Woven Clothing Label folding options


When creating a woven clothing label, you have to keep several things in mind. Since you are creating a woven label instead of a printed one, you won’t be able to create a very intricately designed label.

Ideally, you should stick to a small number of colors, as this not only simplifies the weaving process but also saves you money. Now that you know how to create a woven clothing label, you can easily attach one to your clothing line.

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