The Use of Multiple Brand Labels

Multiple Logo Placement

The Fashion Industry Goes Wild for Extensive Branding

Multiple Logo Placement
Multiple Logo Placement

One of the most important factors that help distinguish one clothing brand from the rest is the clothing label that you often see at the back of the collar. These labels not only differentiate your brand but also add a customized touch to it.

While a single label tag at the back has been the standard custom for years, have you ever considered the use of multiple brand labels? Perhaps, using a logo label on the inside, an icon label on the sleeve, a care label on the inside seams, or a heat transfer label towards the back of the item?

Many clothing brands are now resorting to using multiple brand labels on different items, and the idea of ‘extensive branding’ is gaining significant popularity in the fashion industry. Designs can now incorporate a variety of different clothing labels, and if anything, they can greatly add to your brand identity!

Take a look at different types of tags and labels that you can have on your item to make it stand out and express a unique identity of its own.

Woven Labels

These are one of the most popular and cost-effective types of clothing labels that greatly enhance the look and value of the item. Other than clothing, they can also be used on a number of other things, such as home décor items, handmade accessories, and outdoor furniture products. From die-cut and flat to folded and self-adhesive, woven labels are available in many varieties, and each type adds its own unique value to the product.

Tagless Heat Transfer

As the name suggests, this is a type of label that helps imprint your preferred design onto an item with the help of pressure and heat. Tagless heat transfer labels have become the new ‘in’ thing because they can easily adhere to a variety of different materials. Additionally, you can even go for customized heat transfer labels, ranging from glitter, glow-in-the-dark, glossy look imprinted labels, metallic sparkles, and so many others! You can print it on the back of your item to give it a whole new customized look!

Printed Fabric Labels

These are known to be the most diverse of all labels in the printing industry and are also extremely popular in the apparel industry. They are available in different varieties such as satin printed labels, nylon printed, and cotton printed labels. You can print them in any size, color, or shape you want, which is what makes these labels so diverse and versatile.

Logo Labels

A logo label on the inside is a great way to catch instant attention and create immediate public recognition. They are also a very distinctive way of promoting your brand by incorporating a variety of colors, fonts, and images on printed tags. The main reason behind their popularity is that they help provide a visual identity through which you can effectively communicate and represent your brand.

Care Label 

This is one of the most commonly used labels that you can print onto the inside seam of the clothing item. Through this kind of label, you can give special instructions to your customers as to how to take care of the specific garment or fabric (think washing instructions).

Extensive branding has clearly created quite a stir in the fashion industry, as more and more brands are incorporating it into their items and products!

The Use of Multiple Brand Labels
Article Name
The Use of Multiple Brand Labels
The idea of extensive branding is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry nowadays. Take a look at the use of multiple brand labels and their unique benefits for your brand.
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