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Textile & Fashion Expressions – Demystified

As with any industry, there is plenty of terminology to understand. Fashion terms aren’t just fancy jargon that designers use to show off. Knowing the meaning of the most common words used in the industry will help you have a better mastery of your subject matter and better communicate with fashion buyers, garment producers, and industry partners. Continue reading

How It’s Made: Woven Clothing Labels

Everyone knows how important a label is for any clothing. It can carry important information, such as the material of the cloth, how it is supposed to be washed, and ironed, the sizing, and various other crucial details. However, have … Continue reading

Gender-Neutral Clothing Labels

Clothing brands have started to consider personalization and gender-inclusive designs to cater to the wide range of human diversity. Continue reading

Branding is More Important Than Ever

A rapid rise in the demand for PPE, especially face masks has caused a market shift gave small designers a way to jump on the bandwagon of producing masks. However, branding the mask was more important than ever. How else would customers build brand loyalty and refer their friends and family towards the same product? Continue reading

Three Up And Coming Clothing Companies In 2018

Anyone who knows fashion knows that clothing looks are always on the move. Even dress styles that are classic change to suit the times. Fashionistas and professional fashion editors are continually on the look-out for the latest styles and the … Continue reading

Choose The Right Sewing Labels For Your Project

Something as straightforward as a sewing label can have major repercussions in how the overall piece looks and how the brand perceived by the public. This is why paying attention to how the sewing labels are selected makes a difference … Continue reading