Stay Home and Get Inspired

Stay Home and be inspired

As many of us are working from home and trying to keep our business’ running, a few things come to my mind. I don’t normally write blogs and I don’t feel like I am a good writer. But with a little help from my dear colleague, friend and business partner, Denise Newton, to edit and/or write a conclusion. I have been told I have good ideas but I cannot but sometimes I do not know how to put them together in a cohesive way so reader will not get confused.

Right now, the most important thing for us, small business owners, is to stay healthy and save our small business’. It is also good time, sounds weird “good time” but positive thinking and creativity will lead to success and we will be better than ever after this crazy virus gets grounded!

So, have you ever read Shakespeare’s King Lear? Do you play or own a Fender guitar? Did you take Physics class in high school and learn about the Law of Gravity? What do those 3 things have in common?

Me: I have read some Shakespeare excerpts, own Fender guitar but yet to learn to play, learned about gravity – yes!

Here are some basic facts, for full, super interesting readings please follow the links:

1/ There is no direct evidence to indicate when exactly King Lear was written but a lot of sources shows it was written between 1603-1606 while Shakespeare was self-isolating during the plague.

2/ The Great Depression hit and brought the unemployment to 25%. Leo Fender just graduated high school and was running armature radio station. No real job on the horizon so he scraped some money ($600) and turned his love of radio into a business crafting amplifiers and then he created his first electric guitar.

3/ I think this is the most famous fact in the science history: The falling apple. What a simple, silly thing!

Isaac Newton, sitting in the garden while being quarantined during Bubonic Plague saw the apple falling from the tree. Being only 23 years old had explanation how force affects the movement of object.

His enormous discovery is used in areas as astronomy, chemistry, geology and mechanics.

Stay Home and be inspiredNecessity or perhaps these worrying times are the mother of invention and entrepreneurship.

Let those 3 amazing individuals be the platform of creating new inventions and inventors in the 21st century.  You do not have play instruments or fight gravity but perhaps watch the “falling apple” from the tree; find passion and/or self-fulfillment. The world is battling the unexpected outbreak of the Covid-19 Corona Virus.  Your safety, our dear client’s safety and our staff health are more important than ever. STAY HOME and get inspired. Write a business plan, maintain close business relationships with your customers and vendors, write a guide, song, poem or book, make a new clothing label brand, develop a new emoji, call your friend, call your parents or grandparents (do not text).

And as Ellen DeGeneres would say   “be kind to one another”.


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