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Woven labels will always add to your clothing or accessory. Woven label orders start at 100 labels for $136. No set up fees!

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Woven labels are the most popular and cost effective way to add branding and identify your design or clothing line. Woven labels are used on clothing like sportswear, infant wear, lingerie, outwear, workwear, accessories, home décor items, outdoor furniture and handmade items to enhance their look and value.

They come in number of ways: Flat, folded, die cut, iron on or self-adhesive. In addition to standard woven labels we also offer Digital Color (DIGICOLOR) and Glitter Coated (GLITCOLOR)

We offer a variety of material types including:

  • Damask (50 denier and 100 denier)
  • Satin
  • Taffeta
  • Cotton (Perfect for an eco-friendly options)

Woven label order start at 100 labels for $136. No set up fees! Please contact us for order details.


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Both the women that helped me were absolutely great! They made sure that I was happy. Took time to listen to what I wanted, explained my options and also answered extra questions which ensured that you would get my future business of another order. They acted like they wanted, and appreciated, my business. Other companies I contacted did not do this. It is great that your company knows that small orders lead to big orders later. Thank you! Please give Ursula A round of applause for making your company look good!

Iago Cepeda

Denise was GREAT to work with! I had never ordered tags before and she explained everything perfectly! Tags look great, and she also included a sample brochure so I can check out other options for next time. Thanks again!

James M. McLaughlin

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