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Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing

Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing_edited

When people talk custom woven and printed labels, they automatically think of clothes. However, custom labels can apply to just about everything – rugs, sofas, wallpapers and even frames. Handmade products go especially well with custom woven labels to establish … Continue reading

Clothing Labels for Children’s Clothing Lines [2018]

When it comes to your new clothing line for kids, choose a clothing label that expresses your personal touch with a splash of color to really add something special to the branding. We all love finding extra special and unique … Continue reading

Clothing labels for pets – Important trends

Clothing labels for pets

How to pick the perfect Clothing label for your Pet? Today’s consumers look for more than just bland colors and boring designs. It’s all about eye popping logos, bright colors and intuitive design features that make clothing brand labels stand … Continue reading

Three Up And Coming Clothing Companies In 2018

Anyone who knows fashion knows that clothing looks are always on the move. Even dress styles that are classic change to suit the times. Fashionistas and professional fashion editors are continually on the look-out for the latest styles and the … Continue reading

Choose The Right Sewing Labels For Your Project

Something as straightforward as a sewing label can have major repercussions in how the overall piece looks and how the brand perceived by the public. This is why paying attention to how the sewing labels are selected makes a difference … Continue reading