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Meg’s Masks LLC – Smile with your Eyes

MegsMasks.com was founded as a response to being harassed on an international flight for wearing a mask in mid-January 2020. Since then, Meg’s Masks LLC has gone international with its fashionable, comfortable, and responsible three-ply cotton masks.
Key to Meg’s comfort are the quality of soft cotton inner and outer fabrics, a soft nose wire that contours to the shape of your nose and face and the handmade Czechoslovakian beads that allow for the perfect fit around your ear so it doesn’t pull or chafe.
SMILE WITH YOUR EYES is the expression of Meg’s Masks. Today masks are a responsible accessory that makes a statement that you are aware and taking accountability for your health and safety, and you care about those around you.
Breath, talk, laugh, sneeze, and cough comfortably, securely, fashionably, respectfully …with confidence.

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Angel of Alms



~Angel of Alms~ is a Nonprofit organization with the mission of helping Homeless women, teens and everyone in between by providing hygiene items to those in need. A portion of the proceeds made from your donation for a ~Prayer Rock~ will go towards ~Angel of Alms~ mission of helping the homeless. With your donation a Prayer Rock package will be sent to you. It includes a prayer card leaflet, a burlap bag for storage.

FREE SHIPPING for “one” Prayer Rock or up to three Prayer Pebbles (in a single order) to all USA locations.

Visit them at angelofalms.org















Spread Love Supply Company


Spread Love Supply Company is a streetwear themed clothing line based out of Kansas City, MO, representing: Lifting Up Others, staying grateful, staying humble, and most importantly: SPREADING LOVE.

Since their official launch in July of 2018, Spread Love Supply Co. has been connecting with individuals around the globe, building a collective of positive minds known as: The Spread Love Army, who’s goal is to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


Our Story/Mission Statement by Founder/Owner: Jonny Nicholson (@jflexkc)

I founded Spread Love Supply Company for one reason, and one reason only: To SPREAD LOVE.

…To Spread Love in a way never before seen. 

In May of 2018,  I wrote the words “SPREAD LOVE” on a white sweatband with a Sharpie marker. I received a positive response everywhere I went that day sharing this message.…and experienced the GREATEST energy. I found that I had been using this sweatband stating to “SPREAD LOVE” as a constant reminder to hold onto that euphoric state of: Spreading LOVE, Showing GRATITUDE, and Maintaining a POSITIVE outlook on life.. and I fell in LOVE with that concept. So much so, I KNEW others would also be anxious for the opportunity to experience that same energy. Spread Love Supply Co. was then born.

The overall goal:Touch 1,000,000 lives globally by 2021. As this movement grows in force, the amount of love in the world we have for one another shall as well. Let us be a driving force of positivity, humility, and gratitude!

Join us in our mission to Spread Love.

Instagram: Spread Love Supply Company

Website: Spread Love Supply Co






Eileen Marie

EMht001Eileen Marie’s introductory ‘Heart of Kisses’  Tees are 100% organic cotton, made in the USA and designed in New York. Her preview collection of shirts presents a unique design ‘reminiscent of her love for a touch of red and putting on some ‘rouge’ or red lipstick. Regardless of her state of mind throughout the past few years, even on days without heels, dealing with various life events or emotions, she would tell herself to get back up and put her red on and to #KeepGoing. Stand up and move along. Perhaps simple but true. Small details matter. Embrace what makes you feel more alive. Express Love for others and yourself every day. Be a little bold but be you! EMphoto002

As stated on her home page, ‘Eileen Marie Represents That Woman Who Is A Bit Unconventional, Embracing A Timeless Sense Of Style And Versatility.  Strong, Independent, And Fearless. Admittedly, No Longer Quite Sweet.  Bold But Often Mysterious, Rugged But Still Vulnerable.  A Fire Inside.  She Does Not Mind Being Driven BUT Surely Likes To Drive’.

Eileen is also a writer and avid runner with a love for cobblestone streets, big hills and exploring. She often shares inspiration on Instagram.

 Visit her website EileenMarie.net or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest




Bibs Plus –Boutique quality products for infants and moms

BP001Offerings includes fashion forward handcrafted premium baby bibs, head accessories, skirts + more for our little ones. They are a USA family owned business handcrafting products here in the USA. Bibs Plus began with the President designing a bib for her great-niece because she did not like the quality of her bibs. This lead to requests from family, friends and others and Bibs Plus was born. These bibs are boutique quality, have an inner liner to keep babies dry longer, and a premium terrycloth back. Many requests from customers was the driving force which expanded Bibs Plus offerings. Additionally, they have added some non-handcrafted items to their offerings for littles.

Visit them at www.bibsplus.com , on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and get connected. BP002




They love to promote their customers littles wearing their products.




EmotionalistPut your heart on your sleeve because we’re LIVE on KICKSTARTER!
You’ve got the chance to be a part of one incredible story and help us bring this unique idea to life!
You are one step closer to uncovering all those unspoken emotions locked inside. Throughout your life you have missed meeting many people that could have changed you in some way. You missed them because they didn’t discover who you are, how you feel or what’s on your mind. You simple blended in with the crowd. You got lost in the masses.
People will no longer pass you by without a second glance! Now is the time to make those life changing connections.  Provoke unconscious reactions and start interesting conversations by choosing Emotionalist.



Meet Robyn Rosenberger –

In the summer of 2012 Robyn dusted off her sewing machine and made a superhero cape for her nephew’s second birthday. She then made one for her son but quickly realized there were other kids out there who actually WERE TinySuperheroes! She’d been following the blog of a special girl named Brenna who was born with a very rare and severe skin disease. While she thought her son looked really cute in his cape, it became clear that Brenna NEEDED a cape!

After empowering Super Brenna with her cape in January 2013, they were immediately met by dozens of other Extraordinary kids, each with their own remarkable story!

Quickly, the dozens have turned into hundreds and in four months we have empowered over 500 TinySuperheroes in 35 states and 5 countries! They continue to share their stories on our blog to help raise awareness for each of them.

It has become apparent that Robyn has merely discovered the iceberg of TinySuperheroes that live among us, and it is our mission to empower each of them. Afterall, all TinySuperheroes need capes! Click on the link below to meet Robyn and see how to help. 


TinySuperheroes Capes
TSH Anthony
Anthony shows his cape








Welcome to Elf Cashmere!

Cream Damask Woven Label with iron on backing

We create one-of-a-kind handmade cashmere products of unparalleled comfort, softness, lightness, and warmth.   Including:

  • Baby blankets
  • Scarfs
  • Lap throws
  • Duvet covers
  • And much, much more!

Keeping an eye out for the environment, our products are 100% recycled. We utilize existing cashmere sweaters to create the perfect combination of colors and patterns one-at-a-time for each of our valued customers.

Each product is handmade by Sondra Smith.  Of course you can buy a scarf, baby blanket, or other cashmere item already created, but why not pick out your favorite colors and take advantage of Sondra’s commitment to her customers and create a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Woven Damask Label and Clothing Hangtag
Black Woven Clothing Tags with Iron on backing

Please visit the website at www.elfcashmere.com to learn more, see pictures and for ordering information.










Welcome to Fishtail . . . a line for fishermen and those drawn to the sea. 

Fishtail has been years in the making. The inspiration came from a memory of when, at a young age, Leighton Laughlin III cast his first line into a small stream-fed pond and pulled up two fish on one hook. From that moment on, fishing became an obsession that was fueled with every cast and grew with every catch. Having spent countless hours on the water with local fisherman on the island of Bonaire, he learned techniques that had been passed down from generation to generation of fishermen who make their living from the sea. In return, Laughlin taught them a few tricks of his own.

He wants his passion for fishing to be part of his everyday life, right down to clothing and accessories. This is where Fishtail was conceived. Fishtail incorporates unique color combinations with classic designs related to fishing. Their saltwater line is now available, with the freshwater series soon to come.

Fishtail can also meet custom needs, be it a fishing team, fishing tournament or sailing crew. Please do not hesitate to contact them with questions about products. They look forward to hearing from you, and even welcome your photographs of trophy catches. Please check back for updates on exciting new products we have planned. 

Thank you for visiting Fishtail!






Good For Nothing

Straight from our Nation’s Capital, GOOD FOR NOTHING creates and fulfills the demand for a new street, fashion, and sportswear brand that influences and inspires. They encompass a brand which roots thrive from creative independent culture. GOOD FOR NOTHING explores both the common and political idiosyncrasies of daily life in the city. With a diverse market and witty eye, they engage the customer through hidden metaphors, artistic symbolism and raw city sarcasm. All filtered through the prism of urban street wear and classic American ideals.

Conceptualized back in 2005, GOOD FOR NOTHING spawn from the idea of interpreting their ideals into a brand. The actual name GOOD FOR NOTHING is a double entendre; first meaning obvious, second not so much. Obviously, it means something bad, useless and/or worthless. But, if you think about it, good for nothing can mean doing good…without profit, for nothing.

The same example can apply to others just like them, (and not only from DC or MD but from anywhere)…perceived one way, but actually the other. The goal is to simply tell their story: represent who they are and where they come from…expressing themselves- the good and the bad. Their designs and apparel are their medium for telling their story. Read more about them on GOODFORNOTHINGCREW.COM

Nana by Sally

Four years ago, Sally Peek started to yearn for a career beyond the law firm and a hobby beyond baking.  One night, while trying to think of who she could commission to make some curtains for her daughters room she started searching on the internet for unique fabrics that would suit her nursery and became overwhelmed with the amazing selection of fabrics available.  “I went to bed that night and started thinking of different fabric combinations to use for the curtains and began to feel very inspired.  I thought to myself, I can learn how to sew!”  Although all the generations of women in her family were skilled with a sewing machine, Sally had never sewn anything more complicated than a button.  She went out that week and bought a sewing machine and took a class the next weekend.   By the next week, she was designing her own bags and drawing out patterns.

Nana by Sally

As the bag idea continued to grow, she decided that no one better personified the concept than her hero and great grandmother, Nana.  She was an amazing woman and lived to be 96. She was loved by everyone for her wit and compassion.  “The four dots in the Nana logo represent the four generations of women who are here because of Nana:  My grandmother, my mother, myself and my daughters.”

“Although my business grew very organically and through not much preparation of my own, I think it was meant to be.  My need to interact with people, my desire to be creative and my interest in business in general have all contributed to helping the business grow and keeping me interested in my job everyday. Nana bags are inspired by all the women in my life.  I combine different fabric textures and colors to make them as unique as we all are.   Nana bags will never look homogenous or “factory made.”  After all, I believe we should embrace our imperfections and differences!”




On April 9th of 2009, BLACKLIST opened its doors in Greeley, Colorado.  Since day one, the shop’s focus has been to bring people together based on common lifestyles influenced by skateboarding, snowboarding, streetwear, music, art, style, the underground, and the world at large.  The shop serves both as a fine retail boutique with a strong emphasis on brand selection as well as a place to connect college student transplants and Greeley locals.  BLACKLIST stays active in the community and industry by hosting events like contests, movie premieres, railjams, and BBQ’s and housing projects such as mixtapes, concerts, videos, and collaborations.

Blacklist Woven Clothing Labels

BLACKLIST CO takes its inspiration and influences from the BLACKLIST LBG located in Lawrenceburg, IN that opened in 2004 as well as shops across the country.  “I think it’s unique that we display snowboarding in a setting more familiar to sneaker and clothing stores.  We have a small mix of brands that we’ve always been into and we take pride in both presenting these brands to new people and putting them on display the way we do.”  The shop also serves a center for people to meet up and collaborate . “We have kids stopping by before and after classes, hanging out on the bench out front, skating the curb, grabbing lunch on the block, whatever.  People from all walks of life come through the door. Being able to interact and learn from so many different people on a daily basis is highly motivating.”

BLACKLIST CO and BLACKLIST LBG serve as a home for the culture while catering to their environments and independent scenes, but BLACKLIST extends further than that. Our crew is posted up all across the country working towards the same ideals.  We all work towards a common goal to be creative, be original, carry on tradition, show people something that isn’t dollar driven, and keep it real.  No matter what we have to put into it, we do this because this is what we love and feel passionate about.  The rewards are endless.  Whether it’s the acclaim of a close friend or an industry icon, it’s all about good vibes. It’s as simple pushing down an empty street or seeing your favorite artist live for the first time. There is nothing better.


Bskinz was started in 2007 when a girls cross country team approached the owners wanting hot pink spandex compression shorts to wear under their game shorts.  When they discovered that large manufacturers didn’t offer any fashion oriented colors for girls they decided to launch their own line of patterned, colorful girls compression wear and named them Bskinz with a tag line of B-Active, B-You.

Bskinz Hangtags, woven labels and printed labels

Bskinz started selling their product at local holiday boutiques and got an overwhelming response so they created a website and started selling product to local sporting goods stores.  They have since expanded their line to include a line of mens products and now offer patterned tie dyes, bright colors and patterns on ankle length and capri length compression for fall and winter sports.
Their mission is to always provide a quality spandex product with plenty of patterns to match everyone’s personalities.

Please visit their website at www.bskinz.com

The Hip Hostess

Custom Hangtag, One color printed label, woven label and simple black and white hangtag

The Mother and Daughter behind The Hip Hostess launched their website soon after the daughter, as a fashion savvy new bride found herself in need of a hip little apron to wear for her debut as hostess. Mom began sewing up a few trendy numbers, keeping in mind the fashion sense of the newly domestic daughter. Soon requests start coming in and before long there was quite a buzz going around about these stylish aprons. The girls were now on a mission: Combine simple, contemporary style with fabulous fabrics to create a functional and fashionable look in kitchen wear that today’s modern woman will want and actually wear. After lots of researching, designing and brainstorming…not to mention wishing & hoping and planning & dreaming VOILA! “The Hip Hostess.” They continue their hip approach by keeping up with fashion trends and retaining their standards of high quality and high style. The once budding business is now in full bloom and has been featured on the NBC Today Show and online at Martha Stewart’s
“Dreamers into Doers.” The collection of seriously stylish aprons is available at www.thehiphostess.com.

Tattoo Golf

Tattoo Golf started out in 1999 designing golf clothing that fit with the owners sense of style because at the time there simply wasn’t any cool golf clothing to be found anywhere.   They wanted something with an edge that could be worn both on & off the course but more importantly, something that was completely different from every other golf apparel company out there.   The name came from a co-owners love of both golf & tattoos.    The company has roots in a small garage in Burbank & now claim sales in all 50 states, over 30 countries and are in over 100 pro shops & other retail outlets.   They continue to be innovative with their tattoo inspired designs and won’t stop until Tattoo Golf is in every pro shop in America! Visit their online store at www.tattoogolf.co