What are the Most Popular Clothing Labels?

What are the Most Popular Clothing Labels
What are the Most Popular Clothing Labels
What are the Most Popular Clothing Labels

When it comes to clothing and labels, most consumers perceive them to be a distraction from the overall experience of wearing their favorite apparel. It’s scratchy and downright uncomfortable until customers finally take out the time to rip them out. So what makes a good label that customers don’t mind keeping?

Let’s Talk about the Good labels

The two most popular labels on the market right now are made out of woven or satin material. Woven labels generally feel softer to the touch and can be customized in several colors, giving you plenty of choice for a suitable palette when it comes to your brand. The pricing is very affordable and doesn’t take a significant chunk of change from your revenue streams.



Woven labels

are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. So long as your consumer doesn’t mind the presence of the labels, you can expect them to last as long as the quality of the garment itself. Another great advantage of woven labels is that no matter how many times you wash them, the color of your logo will not fade or change. This means that your consumer will always know where the cloth originally came from, long after they’ve purchased it.

Satin printed

labels have their own charm. They are softer to the touch and have a beautiful glow to them. One cursory glance at them will suggest that the garment itself is high end. Because the material is incredibly soft to the touch, satin labels do not make the skin uncomfortable. This means that your logo has a higher chance of staying attached to the garment.

The only problem with satin printed clothing labels is that in due time, the printed logo will fade away. This is a given. So you have a choice between choosing a longer lasting label – like woven labels and one that lasts for a shorter duration but makes its mark nevertheless. If you want the consumer to remember your brand for several years after their purchase, then it makes a lot more sense to choose woven labels.

This will apply to clothes that are not discarded immediately after use, such as jackets and coats or other apparels of importance.

Clothes that you know will have a shorter lifespan should ideally be attached with satin labels. Which means that by the time your consumer has had their fill of the apparel, the satin label will keep attached to the garment as a reminder of where it came from.

The Trend of Heat Transfer Labels

That said, heat transfer labels are picking up pace rapidly in the commercial market due to numerous technological advantages. Perhaps more importantly, the artist gets full control over their creativity and artistic expressions. The only disadvantage is the high cost, making it a burden on fashion brands that are just starting out.

Using a Bold Design

Irrespective of the label type, it is more important to choose a bold design that actually makes a good first impression. The design should make your brand stand out from the crowd and make your clothes more authentic. You can achieve this by choosing the right color, size and contrast depending on the color palette of the actual garment.

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