Clothing Labels for Children’s Clothing Lines [2018]

When it comes to your new clothing line for kids, choose a clothing label that expresses your personal touch with a splash of color to really add something special to the branding. We all love finding extra special and unique things when working on kids clothing line. Kids love cartoons, Disney products and young adults are obsessed with Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and Saga. Kids love colors! With children’s clothing, it is all about comfort and ultimate smoothness and for young adults is the cleverness, “cool” design: t-shirt, hoodie or a hat.

Childens Clothing
Childens Clothing

Designers also need to take durability into account when designing for children and young adults. We also have to remember safety standards when designing children’s apparel and clothing labels.

Custom clothing labels can serve several uses on children’s apparel:

  • brand label
  • hem tag(sewing or heat seal)
  • care label
  • size tag
  • peel of sticker hangtag, posters, banners
  • iron on transfers
  • added decorative accessories or toys
  • collectible items such as tag or stickers
  • warning/safety labels

Clothing labels may be sewn or transferred with heat inside the garment. Some labels are completely sewn on all four side so they can lay flat on the garment. Other labels are only attached on one edge so that they hang slightly inside the clothing. These are usually attached inside a seam or as part of a hem. You can also view designs on our website for ideas and options.

If you are designing clothing label to be printed or tagless, it is important to consider font size , and color scheme. It is important for text to be legible, especially if the clothing label is meant to provide instruction on how to care for the garment or show the brand name. Select a larger size if needed, and make sure that you have already planned the placement of your labels on your completed articles of clothing.

Iron on tagless labels are the best option

Are your kids going to camp this summer? Make sure their clothes and belongings make it home! These clothing labels are easy to use. Use household iron to apply them directly to the garment. You can customize them by using funny font or even a picture of your child. These transfers are very durable and soft to the skin.

The other types of labels are sewing labels are:

Natural cotton sewing labels or cotton woven sewing labels.These soft cotton fabric labels are perfect branding labels children’s wears. The printing colors of our customized cotton clothing labels hold extremely well in laundry and machine washing. Cotton clothing labels are more popular than ever before. Customers are voting with their wallets showing support for fashion businesses that are ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Fashion industry is responding by being ‘greener’; using organic materials, soft and nature-inspired designs along with eco-friendly clothing labels. These trends are seen quite often on the catwalk and fashion designer ( big and small) are looking to incorporate new “green” trends in a more harmonious, natural way of life that helps- rather than harms the world around us.
Due to the nature of 100% cotton fabric label, cotton printed labels are cold cut only, and the cutting edge will fray. Therefore, for sewing we suggest to make the garment clothing label center folded, with ends folded on each side or manhattan fold.

Finally yet importantly custom clothing labels can truly enhance children’s wear. Add a little something extra, perhaps personal article, your personal inspiration story in the design or or decoration. Keep it fun, colorful and safe! Use the links below to read more about guidelines and testing for products pertaining to childrens wear.–Manufacturing/Testing-Certification/Childrens-Product-Certificate

Clothing Labels for Children's Clothing Lines [2018]
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Clothing Labels for Children's Clothing Lines [2018]
When it comes to your new clothing line for kids, choose a clothing label that expresses your personal touch with a splash of color to really add something special to the branding. If you are designing clothing label to be printed or tagless, it is important to...
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