Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing

Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing_edited
Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing_edited
Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing

When people talk custom woven and printed labels, they automatically think of clothes. However, custom labels can apply to just about everything – rugs, sofas, wallpapers and even frames. Handmade products go especially well with custom woven labels to establish your identity as an artist.

How custom woven labels help designers to personalize items

The consumer market for personalized labels is growing as they resonate with people who pay close attention to every detail. In today’s market, there are numerous types of the same furniture items.

At the end of the day, the decision to purchase items eventually comes down to custom labels. When you add this touch of originality to your furniture, pillows and frames, it helps you unlock the next frontier in customer engagement.

Let’s explore these ideas in more detail.


While not many people pay attention to accent pillow covers, there is a niche of consumers who offer top money for pillows that come with custom printed labels. The most popular type is made from natural cotton. It adds a very unique, almost unattainable dimension to their fashion statement. The strategic positioning of printed labels on pillows provides a sense of ownership to both consumers and designers alike.

Furniture Design

Designing furniture is a highly specialized market that involves artists who have mastered their craft. Once again, consumers are no longer interested in bland designs that don’t offer the same sense of uniqueness that custom levels do. The furniture that people use in their homes sets the tone for everything else in the environment. As such, they will only pick furniture that best suits their unique situation. But how else will they appreciate your work if they can’t even find your logo on it?

A woven label on furniture will add value because they brand the item with important information about the designer. Many people are attracted to the idea that a piece of furniture purchased by them is unique or part of a limited series. Nothing expresses this sense of exclusivity than custom woven label or a printed label. Your customer who buys the furniture will remember you for years, long after they have completed transaction with you. This can lead to a host of opportunities for repeat business and increased sales, due to brand recognition.


Rugs can be thought of as last minute additions that tie together the rest of your living space’s decor. Many owners know the importance of rugs and don’t treat them as an afterthought. They normally take into account a lot of design variants such as the color and texture of the rug and how it blends in with the environment. A room can go from looking simple and bland to luxurious by introducing a rug with a custom printed label that gives information about the creator and the design. Your originality and skill will be suitable demonstrated by detailed printed labels that are applied to the rug. Our woven labels and printed labels are made to long lasting and durable too.

Are Custom Woven Labels Worth the Expense?

Whether you’re designing rugs, furniture or something as subtle as accent pillow covers, custom woven labels will cost you only a fraction of the price of the whole item. It is the best means for your brand to keep in touch with your customers after they have finished purchasing the item from you. The value they add to your business is unparalleled and should not be ignored.

Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing
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Custom Woven Labels Go Beyond Clothing
Handmade product go very well with custom clothing labels to establish your identity as an artist.
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