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What Are Woven Labels?

Woven clothing labels pieces of fabric that are woven on a loom. They are often confused with embroidered clothing labels because the final products look similar. However, the main difference is that a woven label has your logo or wording woven within a piece of material like damask, cotton, satin or taffeta. The logo will be combined within the label. An embroidered label has your logo or wording stitched through your garment or accessory. A woven label is usually sewn in or ironed on to your garment. Woven labels are produced on looms that weave multiple colors at once time. This is what a loom looks like during the weaving process.

Woven clothing labels can use a variety of fiber types based on your preferences. Most woven labels start with a piece of taffeta called a ‘warp’. This warp is used to give the label some structure and shape during the weaving process. We can weave using 4 main thread types. Damask is the most popular type of thread on woven labels. It offers a high thread count, which means we can achieve a high amount of detail. Damask woven labels are also very soft and flexible and make a great choice when the label will be worn next to the skin. Cotton thread is the next most popular thread type. Cotton is a natural fiber and is really soft. Its natural off-white color is what makes cotton different from the other types of woven labels. However, can dye the cotton to be in any shade too. Third in popularity is satin material. Satin is often chosen simply because customers are familiar with its shiny appearance. However, satin woven labels only have a medium thread count. That means the image that is woven may not be as crisp and detailed as needed. The last type of thread used on our woven clothing labels is taffeta. Taffeta is a sturdy material and is most commonly used for items that will come in contact with elements like water and sun. Taffeta has a medium thread count and will not offer a highly detailed logo or design, however, it is great to use when durability is a factor.

Are Woven Labels Cheap Compared To Other Labels

Woven clothing labels are the most professional way to show your brand identity. A high-quality woven label is the best way to represent what you and your brand stand for. Woven labels are extremely durable, flexible, soft and inexpensive. We offer the highest quality woven label, which is 50 denier damask, starting at only 100 labels.

There are many factors to consider when comparing woven labels against printed clothing labels. The first aspect is the overall look of your product. We often discuss price point with clients. If you are planning on a high market price then you will need to make sure the item has the appearance and quality to back up the price you are charging. Woven clothing labels usually are synonymous with a more high-end product. Also consider durability. A woven clothing label will last longer than a printed clothing label or an iron on heat transfer. While these two products are great, they do tend to fade and crack after multiple wash and dry cycles. However, a woven clothing label will last as long as the garment. We are often asked to offer pricing comparisons on our woven clothing labels against our printed clothing labels. It is very difficult to compare pricing on these two because there are so many factors that dictate the price like overall size, quantity, colors and fabric type. Although we start our woven labels at only 100 labels, we can do a quick comparison on a higher volume. 1000 woven clothing labels will cost around $400 for one color. 1000 printed clothing labels on satin with one color will cost around $290. The price is very close to being the same.

Are There Different Types Of Quality Woven Labels For Clothing

There are a number of different types of woven clothing labels. We offer 4 different fabric types. They are damask, cotton, satin and taffeta. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Damask is the most common thread type in woven labels. If you visit any store and look at the woven label in the neckline, 90% of the time it is damask. Damask woven labels offer the highest thread count of any of the other fiber types. That means you will get a detailed and crisp image. Damask has a muted shine. The fabric absorbs light and doesn’t reflect it. The next most common fiber is cotton. Everyone has a cotton shirt so you know what it feels like. Cotton is super soft and flexible. The reason that cotton isn’t as popular as damask is because the fiber is medium in size. So that means that we can’t achieve as much fine detail as damask. Third in popularity is satin. Satin woven labels have a shine to them. They are really popular when used on the outside of a product. They do not have a high thread count so small fonts and fine details will be lost on satin. The last type of thread we offer is taffeta. Taffeta woven labels are super durable. They are great when used on products that are going to be in the sun or water because they will outlast all the others. Taffeta has a medium to low thread count. The fibers are not as fine as damask so therefore ornate fonts and delicate designs may not work best. We are always glad to mail you samples of each type so that you can see and feel the difference. Sometimes that is the only way to decide what options will work best for your project.

Is There A Low Minimum When Ordering Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Rapidtags™ offers a minimum order of only 100 woven labels. That is the lowest you’ll find because we have tailored our business to the small clothing manufacturer and designers. We start at 100 labels but can offer multi-tier pricing up to thousands of labels.

Popular Woven Labels For Handmade Items

We offer many different types of labels that can be incorporated into a product that has been mass produced or items that are handmade. We love hearing about our clients and their products. We have made clothing labels for just about any item you can imagine from airplane seats, golf club covers, baby bibs, stuffed animals, shoes, hats, and of course, any type of clothing or accessory. Some of our best clients order small amounts of woven labels for hand knitted or crocheted items. We are always happy to learn about your product and give suggestions based on our knowledge and your budget.

Woven Label Sizes

There is no limit when it comes to woven label sizes. We can make them to your exact specifications. If you aren’t sure what size label is needed then we can make suggestions based on your logo or design and your product. We are able to offer digital woven labels that can be as large as a sheet of paper or smaller size labels that can be as little as ½” square. Woven clothing labels can also be cut into any shape. This is called die cut. Die cut woven labels are most popular when used on the outside of clothing. We can add iron on backing to create an easy to apply a patch.

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