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Here’s what our clients are saying about our service:


5/12/2023 – “Received, and the labels look great. Thank you for making them, and looking forward to working with you again in the future. ~ Peter”

2/9/2023 –  “All I can say is WOW!!

They look absolutely amazing.  Thank you for the exceptional personal service.  Really means a lot to us!!  Can’t wait to get them.”

8/16/2021 – “We scheduled an appointment to come in and speak with Denise about our brand and she was extremely helpful and offered excellent advice on what labels would best suit our product. There was no cost to come in and we are very pleased with Rapidtags.”

3/31/2021 – “LOVE the labels!!! We couldn’t be more pleased! The colors are vibrant and no detail was lost. We absolutely love them! Thank you so much. I am sure we will place more orders in the future.”

6/23/2020 – “Just got the labels, thank you so much they look awesome. Can’t wait to do business with you again!!”

6/23/2020 – “Dear Denise,THESE TAGS ARE AWESOME! I love them!! I feel foolish for ordering my damask tags from a cheaper place – but I didn’t know y’all existed – my nylon tags are awesome! Hopefully i can sell all of my product  … I’m definitely Going order from y’all again next time – and even the damask tags too.”

01/16/2020 – “I wanted to say good morning and that I received the labels yesterday. They are fantastic! I can’t wait to get them on the bags they will be attached to. Thank you so much for getting them to me and I love the work. I’ll definitely be getting more! I appreciate your help and I’ll send you photos soon!”

10/09/219 – “I received the labels today and just wanted to say thanks! They are beautiful and just what I was hoping for. You guys were fast and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to placing future orders!”

09/24/2019 – “I appreciate how efficient and easy everything has been with you and Rapid Tags. We have been with a different vendor and they do great work but we are just too small for them. Will be bringing more work your way.”

08/02/2018 – “Great service. Thanks for spending time explaining your products. Rapidtags is the only company I have found that will spend a little time with the customer.”

04/21/2018 – “I visited ALL the top rated sites and am so glad to find Rapidtags”

08/28/2017 – “Ursula was very helpful, professional, knowledgeable and provided proper guidance and suggestions to place my order.  She was also very patient working with me as I submitted the artwork. Excellent service and product quality! Will come back to you for future business.”

08/25/2017 – ” was very happy to receive my order way before the two week time limit! Thank you thank you.”

08/11/2017 – “This is the third time I have ordered tags and Denise has been so helpful, love the tags they give my work that extra special touch.  I wish I didn’t miss the sale.”

05/14/2017 – “I got the labels yesterday and really happy with them. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, even though this was a small order. I appreciate that! I will pass your contact onto others in my industry who may also need.”

11/17/2016 – “I just wanted you to know that we went to the trade show this weekend, had our new business cards in hand – and we love them! I just love that foil color! Thank you so much for the easy, friendly communication, the professional proofs, and the quick turn-around!”

10/04/2016 – “You all did a great job. Special thanks to Ursula for making it all go so smooth! I had initially reached out to one of your competitors but it quickly became clear they did not have themselves organized. Rapid Tags is the way to go!”

09/15/2016 – “The product is just as I expected, no disappointments whatsoever.  I received samples, had direct communication and was very very pleased to do business with a company in the US”

08/31/2016 – “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the heat transfer labels!!!  I’ve ordered sewn-in care labels from you guys in the past, so this is my second order from Rapid Tags.  I’m sure I’ll order again since the quality and attention to detail surpasses your competitors!”

07/21/2016 – “Most helpful and effective. Came up with solutions despite our poor knowledge of the process and product.
Thanks for saving our bacon!”

04/11/2016 – “Both the women that helped me were absolutely great! They made sure that I was happy. Took time to listen to what I wanted, explained my options and also answered extra questions which ensured that you would get my future business of another order. They acted like they wanted, and appreciated, my business. Other companies I contacted did not do this. It is great that your company knows that small orders lead to big orders later. Thank you! Please give Ursula A round of applause for making your company look good!”

04/02/2016 – “Denise was GREAT to work with! I had never ordered tags before and she explained everything perfectly! Tags look great, and she also included a sample brochure so I can check out other options for next time. Thanks again!”

05/23/2016 – “Denise was a pleasure to work with!  Once our customer approved the labels everything happened in the exact time frame Denise had promised.  I will definitely use Rapid Tags again when the need arises and will refer other customers as well.”



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