Clothing labels for pets – Important trends

Clothing labels for pets

How to pick the perfect Clothing label for your Pet?

Today’s consumers look for more than just bland colors and boring designs. It’s all about eye popping logos, bright colors and intuitive design features that make clothing brand labels stand out. People love to adorn their pets with customized accessories and clothing labels. A great set of custom clothing labels can easily do the trick. There are millions of pets owners in United States and around the world who want to dress up their pets and willing pay top dollar to do so.


When it comes to choosing a pet product the durability is essential as these products get very heavy use. Please refer to below chart what clothing labels you should use for your project:

Woven Labels and Woven Patches

  • Pet Collars
  • Pet Leash
  • Pet Clothing
  • Pet Bedding
  • Pet Blankets
  • Pet Quilts

Printed Labels and Tagelss Heat Transfers Labels

  • Pet Soft Toys

Should you label your Pet Garment with Clothing Label?

Designs contain small snippets of information such as pet name, a brief sentence indicating how much they love their pet or a quirky message. Among the various options, that customers have for apparel design include woven labels, printed labels and heat transfer labels. The last one is gaining more popularity since it allows customers to incorporate their message directly onto synthetic and natural fabrics. Rapid developments in printing technology now allows people to use in-house adhesives to customize images to just about any size or color combination, affording them limitless options when it comes to design.

All clothing labels like woven, tagelss heat transfer or printed labels can be used for Pet Garment Branding. When worn by humans and pets alike, woven labels tend to cause discomfort because they create a tickling or itching sensation but they are very durable. While humans can complain that they are feeling uncomfortable with their fancy new shirt, pets generally have a harder time getting the same message across. The ultimate goal is to place the clothing label without causing discomfort to the skin as well and be visible.

It takes time to design pet garment as well put a brand label on it. The availability of fabric and patterns can be easily found locally at craft stores. If it comes to brand clothing labels we always suggest to design unique and your own and not to use templates, clips, forms found online. Whatever you are making “pups” clothes or human clothes you need to indentify yourself as a business and show your brand name.

12 Designers’ Dog Brands and their Clothing Labels.

In the below link article “ InStyle” magazine, you will find the most adorable and very fashionable brands for pups from Designer Ralph Lauren ,Hollywood Celebrates and TV Person like Ellen DeGeneres or Lisa Vanderpump. If people can be fashionable why not dogs?

Start your own pet Clothing line now!
Woof, Woof!

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See our video about 6 Categories of Custom Hangtags

Clothing labels for pets - Important trends
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Clothing labels for pets - Important trends
Should You Label Your Pet Garment with Clothing Label? Should be Used a Woven Label or Tagelss Heat Transfers Labels? Read the Article and Start Your Own Pet Clothing Line Now!
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