Labeling standards for toys and children’s apparel

Labeling standards

When the holiday season approaches, children are looking forward to the presents they will get from their parents, relatives, friends and teachers. This is a time for a lot of anticipation and excitement for them, and if it were up to them, they would simply rip apart the package and start playing with their toys right away.

Labeling standards
Labeling standards

However, this is not safe, because there are certain health hazards associated with the toys that need to be checked on beforehand. These can be read clearly on the warning clothing labels to help parents and children understand that there are health hazards present.

The importance of warning labels

Warning labels exist for a reason; they are as signs posted on a product’s retail packaging by the manufacturer to warn the consumer that there are several safety issues associated with a product. When it comes to toys, the need to create customer awareness is inherently more important.

Warning labels for toys and clothing are not 100% effective since many people tend to ignore them, but they are there for a reason. Of course, since children are not entirely capable of reading them and understanding the implications of the words, it is up to the parents to study them and take the requisite steps.

Requirements for warning labels

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set certain rules and specific requirements about the formulation of warning labels. These include font size, color contrast, where the label should be placed on the retail packaging and a brief statement of hazard about the material. Please follow link for more info:

One of the biggest problems with toddlers under the age of three years old is their tendency to swallow and choke on small toys. This also includes pieces that break away from the toy during play, and the parents remain unaware because they thought the toy did not have any such pieces.  It is very important the warning labels should contain information about the pieces that could come loose.

Children’s clothing

Children’s clothing is especially vulnerable to the outdoor elements because of the fact that children do not understand the consequences of their actions. They would happily roll around the mud and soil on their clothes without any regard to them. Parents would not typically know how to wash those clothes and would spoil them because of lack of knowledge.

This is where care-clothing labels come in. They tell you important information about the kind of settings your clothes can tolerate, this includes the ranges of temperature over which to iron, whether bleaching is needed, whether chlorine can damage it, and whether to dry clean.

These care clothing tags help your customers understand what the product is made of and give them instructions on how to treat them properly.

RN Database Search:

Apply for RN Number

Federal Toy Safety Standard- ASTM F963-16T–manufacturing/business-education/toy-safety/

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

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