If you intend to start your own fashion label or if you are an established fashion designer in the market, there are some essentials without which you cannot run your own apparel business. Yes, a conferred degree in fashion is your first asset in this field, but along with that you need some tools to get your business going. With your unique sense of personal style and an eye for detail, you can create your mark in the field of fashion and design, but to kick start your career you need to have these bare essentials.


The space where designers work is extremely crucial to their creativity and productivity. Workspace helps them draw inspirations and innovative which is pertinent to survive in the ever-changing fashion industry. As a designer, you will be brainstorming and putting ideas on paper. For that you will need a large working desk that is clutter-free, a comfortable chair, some great lights in the room and a cozy corner for you and your clients to interact.


These days the fashion industry is inclined towards 3D printing for which designers use 3D modelling software to create clothes and accessories they want to experiment with. 3D software allows the designers to put into perspective their creation by experimenting with new geometric designs, new materials, colors and new manufacturing methods. CLO 3D, TUKA 3D, Adobe Photoshop and Marvelous Designer are few of such software. Read more about it here. https://www.rapidtags.com/the-best-online-programs-and-apps-to-help-in-clothing-design/


This is another important aspect that should be considered by fashion designers before they start production. Suppliers include fabric suppliers, equipment suppliers, retail suppliers and clothing tag suppliers. An apparel designer should know how to negotiate his terms, rates and timeframes with the supplier. Moreover, he should be able to pick a supplier who understands his business, delivers on time and is cost-effective for him in the longer run.


How do designers take a design from a sketch to production? They have special tools that help them create a masterpiece. These tools include scissors, tapes, measuring stick, sketchbooks, drawing markers, water and poster colors with brush sets. In addition to these, designers also need fabric pressing tools, product development tools and pattern making tools to put it out there.



To be a successful fashion designer and to launch yourself with confidence, you will need to be informed of the current trends, colors, fashion choices and upcoming trends of the niche you are catering to. Keeping up with trends can be done by regular research, attending apparel shows, subscribing to international television channels and fashion magazines, and always keeping a check on your competition. You should know what colors are popular and what cuts people prefer. You also need to have the knack to create variations and creativity in the already existing styles. Knowing what is on trend will help in deducing what the public is willing to buy.






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