What’s the difference between a woven label and a printed clothing label?

We are asked this question quite often. Woven labels are produced on a loom. Your logo/wording is woven into the piece of material. A printed label is different because your logo/wording is printed on top of the material rather than being woven into the material. It’s important to understand that each label has advantages and disadvantages. When deciding what option will work best for your needs consider the following.

Some advantages of a woven label are:

They tend to be more durable over a long period of time. A woven label will last longer. Woven clothing labels (if designed properly) can look more professional. It will help make your garments look like they are worth more money. The downside is that a woven label usually takes longer to produce and generally will cost slightly more than printed labels do.

Advantages of a printed label are: They can generally be produced faster than a woven label. They are less expensive than woven labels and can easily include sizing/care/content rather than having to order larger quantities of woven labels. The disadvantage is that they offer a more ‘simple’ look and can fade after multiple wash and wear cycles.

Each type of label has it’s place in the marketplace. There is no better way to introduce your design than to brand it with a woven or printed label.

A lot of potential clients want to understand the difference between material types when considering a woven garment or accessory label. The three main material options are satin, taffeta and damask.

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