How to increase your brand identity with personalized logo clothing labels

Change the way people see your clothing! It’s not always enough to have a fresh new design or spin on your clothing line. Everyone is looking for ways to be different and unique. The same goes with clothing tags. We are always being asked to make tags for clothing that are out of the ordinary. So, not only can we help you get a one of a kind woven label or printed label that fits the spirit of your clothing line but you can instantly become different by sewing the label in a not so common place. Discover some ideas on how to make a bigger impact with your clothing tags.

1) Apply a woven label to the bottom of the item. This can be achieved by sewing down on all edges or ask us to put an iron on backing to the woven label.






2) Design the clothing label to be centerfolded or looped and cuff the label on the sleeve.








3) Sew on a looped label to the hood of a pullover or jacket.






4) Sew or iron on a larger woven label to the outside of the garment and make it the focal point of your designs.








5) Make your woven label into a die cut or shaped label and iron them under a v-neck.




Our woven label orders start at just 100 labels. Email us at with your artwork or idea and let’s get started now…










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