The Importance Of Having A Care Label On A Garment



Whenever you purchase garments, you must have always notice the care label on the inside. They are always essential in knowing what type of fabric you are dealing with and how to properly use and wash them. Many people who go without reading the care label tend to ruin their clothes simply because they never bothered to read the care label. Does the garment need to be hand washed only? Does it need to be ironed at a low temperature? Is it ok to be dry cleaned? What temperature should it be dry cleaned at? Can we use other garments of different colors to be washed with it? All these questions are of utmost importance whenever it comes to taking care of the clothes.

Care Labels are garment-specific

All care labels are specifically made to include the care and washing instructions for that specific type or composition of material. No two care labels of different products are alike. It helps in knowing how to take care of a certain type of fabric in terms of washing, drying or ironing.

Industry standard

It is important that if you run a textile or clothing business to always include the care label with your clothing. While not all retailers require a care/content label to be sewn in the garment. However, if you are not sure then you can always check the corresponding vendor guide or contact your buyer. If all else fails it’s always a good idea to have the label.


Do you know that the care label can help the consumer decide whether or not to purchase your item over a competitors item?

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