What are cotton printed labels?

Cotton Printed Clothing Labels are made from natural cotton fibers. In its natural state, cotton is off-white in color but can be dyed to match any hue or can be bleached white. Cotton labels are super soft and flexible and are very comfortable next to the skin.

Cotton clothing labels can be printed or woven and they can be made as a standard thin cotton, heavy cotton canvas or cotton twill fabric, which has a detailed weave pattern for a really distinctive look. These clothing labels are commonly found in items that are intended to be worn or used for their comfort and natural look like infant wear, eco-friendly clothing or any garment looking for a breathable look and feel. Although cotton labels are very durable, they also get softer and softer with each laundry cycle making them an excellent choice for a weathered look.

What do cotton clothing labels look like?

Cotton Printed Labels
Cotton Printed Labels

Printed cotton clothing labels have a soft, non-reflective appearance. When magnified, cotton fibers are made up of many smaller fibers. Each fiber twists to give cotton a distinctive look that is easy to distinguish from other types of material. Cotton material is considered loosely woven fiber when compared to other synthetic fibers. Cotton is dyed with a range of dye types, including vat dyes, and modern synthetic reactive and direct dyes. So, if your clothing or accessory is going to be dyed, then you may decide to sew in your cotton clothing label before you dye and the label will take on the same color as the clothing. Otherwise, you would dye the material first and then put the clothing label in the garment.

Cotton labels are commonly used in apparel: t-shirts, denim jackets, infant bibs, coat dresses, women’s leggings, and headwear. It is also used commonly for interior furnishing fabrics, backpacks upholstery, and bed sheets. Traditionally cotton clothing labels are kept in the natural off-white color.

If you are still unsure what type of clothing label would work best, then email us or give us a call and we can send you some actual samples of all the different types and you can see and feel them.

Can you have colors on printed cotton clothing labels?

Cotton clothing labels typically start as either a natural off-white color or as white (bleached). Never the less, we can custom dye the fabric to match any color. Keep in mind that if you are trying to achieve an eco-friendly label, then less is more. Cotton is a natural fiber but once it is dyed or imprinted then the color pigments are man-made and will alter the natural look of the cotton. If you want a color cotton then you would just use the pantone chart or send us your artwork and we can dye the material to match your needs. We can also imprint can be in any color as well. See the pantone chart.

We can also print the clothing labels with an unlimited amount of colors. This is called digital full-color print. You would need to send us your artwork in order to get pricing. Because all the labels we make are custom, there is no limit to the colors and sizes that we offer. Please contact us for the details.

How is the durability & quality of cotton clothing labels?

Cotton clothing labels are considered to be a durable choice. Because cotton clothing labels are made from a natural fiber, they can withstand many wash and dry cycles before any wear starts to show and even then, many consider cotton labels to get better and better the more they are worn, washed and dried. Cotton labels are best when applied to clothing after the garment has been dyed because the material can absorb the color if placed in dye directly. However, you may want the label to be the same color as the clothing. If that’s the case, then simply apply the cotton clothing label before the garment or cloth is dyed. If you follow the proper care instructions for the garment then you should be able to extend the life and quality of your printed cotton labels. The most recommended care for our natural cotton clothing labels is to machine wash warm or cold, tumble dry on low and if needed, iron at a low temperature.

Are cotton clothing labels popular?

Cotton printed clothing labels are very popular. In fact, cotton labels are the most requested item that we offer. Take a look at your favorite clothing and you will probably find at least one cotton label. The material is durable and soft plus economical too. For these reasons, cotton printed labels are hard to beat. From the production side, they are easy to work with and very versatile. Everyone is familiar with cotton printed labels because we see them every day. When looked at close up, you can see the material is bumpy because cotton fibers are larger than synthetic fibers. That means they will work best if your logo is bolder and made with more dense lines. Small fonts or ornate designs may not work as well on cotton labels. Cotton clothing labels are equally as popular as woven labels because of the pricing and production time.

What are the different types cotton clothing labels?

There are also lots of different type of cotton: broadcloth, chenille, poplin, chintz, chambray, flannel, gingham, canvas and denim are just a few. We offer four basic types of cotton clothing labels. The first is called standard cotton. This type of cotton is our most popular and has two ends that are cut and two ends that have a woven edge appearance. The two cut edges will fray unless they are sewn down or folded under. This label is super soft, thin and pliable and by far the most common choice for cotton printed label material. The front and back of the label have the exact same look and feel and are not shiny in appearance.

The second type of cotton clothing label is called cotton canvas. This type of cotton is heavier and thicker than standard cotton. It is still flexible and soft to the touch. This type of cotton has two edges that are cut and two edges with a woven edge appearance. The two cut edges will fray unless they are sewn down or folded under.

The third type of cotton printed clothing label that we offer is called cotton twill or herringbone cotton. This material has a very distinctive pattern that is woven into the fabric. This type of cotton has two edges that are cut and two edges with a woven edge appearance. The two cut edges will fray unless they are sewn down or folded under.

The last type of cotton printed label that we offer is called poly-cotton blend. That means it is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. The look and feel of the material is very similar to standard cotton although it may be a bit thinner. The advantage of our poly-cotton blend is that we are able to heat seal the two cut edges of the label so that the material won’t fray as easily as the other cotton types.

What are the different types of cuts and folds?

Since cotton clothing labels are made of natural fibers, they are not able to be heat sealed to stop fraying. While many designers may be wanting the clothing label to fray a little to give it a really weathered and worn look, there are ways that we can help to try and avoid fraying. This is done by our multiple cuts and fold options. If you are going to sew the label into a seam then the best option is to have us fold the label in half. This method is called centerfold or looped. That way the ends of the label won’t fray. If you plan on sewing the label on only the right and left ends, then we can recommend our end folded option. The label will come to you with the two sides folded under and will give your label a really nice and professional look. If you want to sew your label in on all 4 sides then we would leave your label flat and ready for installation into your apparel or accessory. Keep in mind that although you would be sewing in the two ends that have been cut, the label can still fray after many wash and dry cycles. We can also offer a method called Manhattan fold. That means the satin clothing label will be folded in the center like a looped label, but will also have the two short ends folded. See the below images for a visual on all the options for cut and fold of our printed cotton clothing labels.

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