How to create the perfect clothing label

Often we are asked “What size should I make my clothing label” or “what is the most common size of woven labels”? While there is no standard size for clothing labels, there are a few tips to keep in mind to create the perfect label.

Tip 1: Go shopping! I can hear the collective “Woo hoos” from here. What I mean by go shopping is go do research on other brands that are similar in style and price point to your design line. You can learn a lot by seeing what others do right and by what they do wrong. Look for material type, the ‘feel’ of the label, the overall size of the label. Is it too big or not large enough?

Closets offer examples of all types of clothing tags and labels
Tip 2: Look in your closet for clothing label ideas and size options.

Tip 2: Look in your closet. Chances are you have dozens of different types of clothing labels. You will definitely find woven labels, printed labels, tagless transfers and probably some of your clothes still have hangtags on them. Take a ruler and get a general idea of the size label that you like and fits you specifications based on the clothes you love. Remember, you chose them for a reason.

Tip 3: Study your logo/design. You probably already have a logo designed or at least have an idea in mind. Print out the logo in a few different sizes by scaling the image. Once you’ve printed them out, take scissors and cut out the images and place them on your clothing or accessory. You will quickly start to see what looks great and what size is too large or too small for your design. If your logo is tends to be longer rather than tall, you can consider sewing it on the left and right sides. If the logo is more square then it works great as a top sewn label.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to add sewing room. When choosing the size, it’s really important to think about things like – where on the clothing is it going to be sewn because you have to incorporate sewing allowance space if going into a seam. Otherwise, if you plan on sewing down on all sides then you won’t need quite as much space.

Hopefully you are now on your way to creating the perfect label that conveys the theme you intended when you were inspired to start your own clothing line. We also have a video that shows all of our products. It may be helpful to watch and get more ideas. Make sure to turn the annotations on and you can see what type of products we have. #rapidtags



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