The number one mistake made when designing a tagless heat transfer

Tagless transfers are continuing to be one of our most popular items. They are easy to apply and will last for the lifetime of the garment. They can take the place of a woven or printed clothing label OR used in conjunction with other clothing tags to show your logo, washing directions, fiber content and sizing.

In order to design an image that works best for your clothing, keep in mind the following guidelines to help you design a hard to forget clothing label:

Larger is better – If you plan to include your logo along with care instructions, fiber content, sizing, your website address and a clever slogan then make the clothing transfer LARGE enough to read it all without a magnifying glass.

Large Tagless Heat Transfer









Less is more– It might be a good idea to keep it simple. Just use your logo. Let an additional sewn in printed label give the buyer all the other information.

Tagless Heat Transfer Logo Only









Bold is beautiful– Some of the best tagless heat transfer designs are made with an easy to read font with simple to read information.

Tagless Heat Transfer Bold









The number one mistake made is to use a small, ornate font. Keep in mind, when a heat transfer is ironed on to clothing, the heat from the iron flattens out the design. So, if you use a small busy label, once it’s ironed on, the  the letters will merge together and make the information difficult to read and unprofessional looking.

Text is small and hard to read






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