What are nylon printed clothing labels?

Nylon is a generic word for a family of synthetic polymers. It’s a silky material that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes. Nylon clothing labels are made from that very fiber. Since nylon is a synthetic fiber, there is no limit to the color or colors that can be made of nylon. Nylon printed clothing labels are made when the fibers are formed into flat sheets and then cut into individual labels. The material is smooth and flexible. To some, it feels similar to paper. However, the material is difficult to rip or tear. It is also extremely durable and weather resistant making it perfect for many common uses for care and content labels or for commercial and industrial uses.
Nylon printed clothing labels are made to be smooth but they can also have a woven pattern so they can appear to be actual fiber. Nylon labels are waterproof and that makes them a great option for outdoor gear or outerwear.

What do nylon clothing labels look like?

Printed nylon clothing labels have a smooth feel and appearance. They feel strong yet flexible in your hand. Nylon printed labels are very popular as laundry labels. You will see them in all types of products like jeans, t-shirts, headwear and accessories like belts. If you are not sure what nylon clothing labels feel like then look inside any pair of sneakers and you will probably see a nylon label sewn into the tongue of the shoe. It is easy to distinguish nylon from other types of printed clothing labels once you see it. Our nylon printed labels typically start as white but they can be printed in any color. Since nylon is a synthetic fiber, most types of dye will not penetrate the label. So it is a good choice for any garment or cloth that you intend to dye. Nylon printed labels also work really well if you need to have us print a UPC barcode or a QR code because of the smooth surface.

If you are still unsure what type of clothing label would work best, then email us or give us a call and we can send you some actual samples of all the different types and you can see and feel them.

Can you have colors on printed nylon clothing labels?

Nylon clothing labels typically start as either white or black. However, we can custom print the nylon to match any color. We can also offer an unlimited amount of imprint colors. The most common type of nylon printed label is a white background with the black imprint of your logo, wording, care information, fiber content and even care symbols. If you want a colored nylon then you would just use the Pantone chart or send us your artwork and we can print the material to match your needs. We can also print the clothing labels with an unlimited amount of colors. This is called digital full-color print. You would need to send us your artwork in order to get pricing. Because all the labels we make are custom, there is no limit to the colors and sizes that we offer. Please contact us for the details. See the pantone chart.

How is the durability & quality of nylon clothing labels?

Nylon clothing labels are considered to be the most durable of all our printed labels. Because nylon clothing labels are made from a synthetic fiber, they can withstand many wash and dry cycles before any imprint starts to fade away. Nylon labels are best when applied to an area of the clothing or accessory that won’t be directly in contact with skin because nylon labels can be a little irritating when worn right next to the skin. That is why nylon labels are great for commercial or industrial uses. Nylon labels will last a long time if you follow the proper care instructions for the garment. The most recommended care for our nylon clothing labels is to machine wash warm or cold with no bleach and tumble dry on low.

Are printed nylon clothing labels popular?

Nylon printed clothing labels are very popular for use as care labels (telling the consumer how to care for the article), for fiber content labels (telling the consumer what the article or clothing is made from) and for printing care symbols, barcodes or QR codes. In fact, nylon labels are the most requested item when looking for a low-cost alternative for care and content labels. Take a look at your favorite pair of sneakers and you will probably find at least one nylon label. The material is durable and flexible plus economical too. For these reasons, nylon printed labels are hard to beat. From the production side, they are easy to work with and very versatile. Everyone is familiar with nylon printed labels because we see them every day. When looked at close up, you can see the material is very smooth because nylon fibers are synthetic and easily controlled. Nylon clothing labels are equally as popular as satin clothing labels because of the pricing and production time.

What are the different types nylon clothing labels?

There are also lots of different items made from nylon fibers: clothing labels, activewear, ropes, outdoor gear, medical supplies and brushes are only a small percentage of things that are made out of nylon fibers. We offer three basic types of nylon printed clothing labels. The first is called standard nylon. This type of printed nylon is our most popular. Since nylon is a synthetic fiber, the ends won’t fray. So that means the label can be sewn in on any side and there is no worry about fraying. This label is super flexible, thin and durable and by far the most common choice for nylon printed label material. The front and back of the label have the exact same look and feel and are slightly shiny in appearance.

The second type of nylon label is called heavy nylon. This type of nylon is heavier and thicker than standard nylon. It is still flexible and durable to the touch. This type of nylon is the best choice for any heavy-duty commercial or industrial use such as labeling outdoor equipment or items that will be subjected to sun or water.

The third type of nylon printed clothing label that we offer is called tear away nylon. This material looks and feels the same as our standard nylon. The only difference is that the fibers are only running horizontally. That means that with just a little effort, you can tear the label out of the item that it has been sewn into. It is the most popular choice when you want your customer to be able to remove the label. For example, it is used commonly in activewear. The customer can simply remove the label and avoid being irritated by the ends that can sometimes itch the wearer.

What are the different types of cuts and folds?

Since nylon clothing labels are made of synthetic fibers, they will not fray on any of the ends. That makes them super easy to work with because they can be sewn in on one side or all sides without any fear of fraying. However, even though the material won’t fray, we can still offer the nylon clothing labels to be centerfold or looped. That means the label is folded in half and meant to be sewn in at the top of the label. If you want to sew your label in on all 4 sides then we would leave your label flat and ready for installation into your apparel or accessory. See the below images for a visual on all the options for cut and fold of our printed nylon clothing labels.

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The Different Types of Nylon Printed Labels

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