A Different Approach To Customized Cotton Woven Labels

Often times, a simple designed woven label can be all that is needed to stand out from the pack. However, given that it is estimated that the Fashion industry in the US alone has a domestic market value of $385 billion dollars (https://fashionunited.com), it is always a challenge to try and come up with some new. Something unique. That same problem rings true with clothing trims. What can we offer that is different than other woven labels? Below are two examples of clothing labels that definitely hold their own and help make a design extraordinary.

This clothing label starts with a background in woven black cotton. The design detail is achieved with high definition damask (50 picks/cm), glossy polyester (gold) yarn and matte polyester (red) yarn. The label is finished with ultrasonic cut edges. The end result is an extremely soft and pliable label with smooth edges. It will only look better and better the more it is washed and worn.



Our next woven label begins with raw cotton woven on a double taffeta warp. This cotton is a thicker yarn and gives more texture to the look of the label. The logo and text are achieved with polyester yarn and finished with ultrasonic cut edges and endfolded. The final product feels warm and natural. A design like this would work well on any clothing or apparel with an eco-friendly design in mind.






Well designed customized labels are almost as important as the clothing item itself. And because you want your label well suited to your clothing line, we always recommend letting us get involved in designing the perfect complimentary label to fit your brand identity.

Both of these labels are available starting at 1000 labels. The pricing would depend on the overall size and design so contact us for details. Mention this article and get an additional 10% off of your order of cotton woven labels.


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