Woven Label Enhancements

Woven Label with Peel and Stick Backing

A woven clothing label is sure to enrich any product. It will instantly add value to your clothing or accessory. Aside from the standard clothing tags, you may want to consider these options for enhancement.

1)      Iron on backing or heat seal – Your garment tags will come with a special backing and can be ironed on with a commercial press or household

Woven Label with Iron On Backing

iron. These are great for items that will not be washed and dried. Or, if the item will require washing and drying then you can sew in for extra support.

2)      Peel and stick backing – Clothing labels that have peel and stick backing are best on items that will not be worn. Samples of common uses are picture frames, furniture, books, etc…

3)      Merrowed edge patch – Merrowed edge patches are meant to be tacked on the corners or sewn on all sides. They are different than regular garment labels because they are

Woven Label with Merrowed Edge

commonly used on uniforms, lab coats, backpacks, hats and as outer embellishments.

4)      Starch added – Starch can be added to most woven labels to make them more rigid. This type of addition is most common to suit coats and ties.