Spot UV Coating on Custom Clothing Hangtags


Your business card says a lot about you and your business. It is one of the first things that a prospective client sees. Think of a custom clothing hangtag as the business card for your clothing or accessory design. With this idea in mind, you can see why it is important to ensure that your clothing hangtag or labels is enhanced with a distinctive look and feel. There are several specialty printing techniques available, but the most impactful of these is spot UV coating which lets you take your artist’s creative work to the next level.

UV printing can bring brilliant effects to your project designs which shine on top of printed ink, making UV coating truly unique.

What sets Spot UV Coating apart?

Although the name sounds like it was ripped straight out of a science-fiction novel, it is anything but. It is called Spot UV because it utilizes ultraviolet light for curing varnish on printed material. UV coating is environmentally friendly because it is free of solvents that liberate volatile organic compounds when cured. This means that no dangerous gases are leaked into the open air.

UV coating is also incredibly fast, allowing artists to achieve spot-on details in their designs. When it comes to protective coverage, UV coating is known for keeping moisture out, preserving the product and protecting its color.

Possible applications of UV coating

Spot UV can work on a wide variety of paper stock. However, the best results are achieved on heavier card stock which is typically used for flyers and business cards. Papers that have a matte finishing also work great with spot UV. This is because their muted backgrounds contrast beautifully against the illuminated UV coating.

Miscellaneous custom effects

You can combine spot UV with several custom printing effects that include die-cutting, foil-stamping and embossing for different results. As an example, if you were to apply soft-touch coating to the printing before spot UV, it will create a matte-finished background that will make the varnish pop and shine. While this can be achieved by basic matte finished paper stocks, they don’t beat the value that soft touch gives to the project. This unique combination of soft touch and spot UV is a technique known as silk spot UV.

: different approaches, different results

Clear impact uses spot UV to create the design or text on the solid color background. Experts believe this represents the best opportunity for artists to become creative with their work, because the same degree of freedom cannot be replicated with conventional inks or papers.

Image Accentuation makes use of spot UV to coat printed images on your projects to help certain parts of the card standout from the rest. As an example, you could spot your logo on your custom hangtag for added beauty. That logo will stand out from the rest of the card, making it look highly impressive. Any part of your project that you want to give additional detail will be able to stand out from the background with UV coating. If you add an eye cathing woven , printed label or heat transfer, along with you custom hangtag with Spot UV highlights then there is no doubt to stand out from the competition.

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Spot UV Coating on Custom Clothing Hangtags
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Spot UV Coating on Custom Clothing Hangtags
There are several specialty printing techniques available, but the most impactful of these is spot UV coating which lets you take your artist’s creative work to the next level.
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