Fabric options on woven Garment Clothing Labels

50 denier damask and 100 denier damask woven labels

Not all garment tags are created equal. There are a number of choices in material type when considering the purchase of a woven clothing label. The most common are satin, taffeta, organic cotton or damask. Here is a brief description of each type if you are not familiar with the terms. The words ‘thread count’ and ‘denier’ are important when deciding on a material for your garment label. Thread count simply refers to the thickness of the fiber. Denier refers to the weight of the fibers. So it stands to reason that a luxurious piece of fabric would have a high thread count and a lower denier. The fabric would be tightly stitched (high thread count) but lightweight (low denier).

Satin material has a low thread count. The fibers are larger and cannot be woven as tight as other options. However, the material does have a shine to it that is important to achieve a particular look and feel.

Taffeta material has a medium thread count. The fibers are a bit smaller than satin. The material has less shine to it and is more durable because the thread is synthetic and not natural.

Organic or Natural Cotton also has a medium thread count. However, since the material is natural it is softer than fibers that are man made.

Damask has a high thread count. There are also 2 types of Damask. Regular damask has a denier of 100. It is, by far, the most common material used for woven labels. We also offer 50 denier damask. Also called high definition damask. Because the fibers are even smaller than regular damask, we are able to offer very detailed images that otherwise would be impossible to weave on the previous options. For more information or samples, please give us a call or send us an email.

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