UPC barcode hangtags and size strips

Retail stores may require more than one type of identifier on their incoming goods from the manufacturer. Some may only require a UPC or GS1 hangtag or sticker. These price tags usually have a variety of information such as style numbers, color name, size of the garment and department in addition to the bar code and retail price. In addition to the UPC hangtag, some stores also request a corresponding size strip for folded items and if the items are arriving in plastic bags, they also request a poly bag label indicating the specifics of what that bag contains. Each retail chain has its own set of ‘standards’ that give all the necessary information needed by its vendors. Rapidtags has strong parterships with many trading partners and can offer all types of items to satisfy the ticketing guidelines.

Spencer’s UPC price tickets, stickers and size strip

Spencer’s guidelines require each unit to be pre-ticketed with adhesive stickers or hang-style tags and “floor ready” when received. We offer all types of the Spencer’s private label UPC price tags, labels and size strips.

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