The right labels for athletic wear


All over the world, athletic wear is meant to provide you comfort, functionality and practical appeal. There are numerous brands available for active wear throughout the world and all make sure that the clothes they sell are super comfortable for the athletes. Keeping comfort of the customer in mind, they decide the placement and the type of label they want to use for the sportswear.

Brands have a variety of options to choose from, including where to put the labels, what should the label be made of and how to put it. After all, the brand image and sales are defined by how comfortable your active wear is. You can’t have an itchy label sewn at the back of your sportswear and expect people to run or bike comfortably in it. You may want to compare and contrast a few options and pick the one that you deem perfect for your active wear clothing line.


Since active wear is all about convenience and comfort, the best tags or labels for it can be tag-less heat transfers ( aka heat seal)

attached custom hangtags. Tag-less heat transfers are labels that are stamped on the back of the shirt and are a popular choice for active wear as it does not itch, scratch or irritate the skin. Heat transfer labels can show the logo, size and care instructions for a piece of cloth. Moreover, these labels have lower production costs resulting in reduction in cost for the manufacturers of the sportswear.

There is another type of label called <side tags>/<hem tags>

or labels that are non-obtrusive and sewn right into a seam on either side of the clothing. Side tags can be woven labels or printed tags giving out information necessary for the consumer to know. Another variation of this type could be labels that are sewn in or tucked in a way that they are almost hanging from the clothes. These also include all the pertinent information one needs to know about the piece including care and washing instructions.

Lastly, hangtags are another type of labels that are suitable for active wear. Custom hangtags are not sewn, but just attached labels or tags with a safety pin that can be removed once the customer wears the item. These custom hangtags can have the brand logo, care instructions, manufacturer’s information and size of the athletic wear. Custom hangtags help in keeping the comfort and functionality of the active wear aligned.

Athletic wear is all about comfort. The consumers can reject any brand that may not provide comfort and rather fall in the way of their daily activities by irritating the skin or causing itching. Brands need to make sure that their active wear coincides with the demands of the consumers for increased customer satisfaction which in turn will act favourably for the brand’s image.

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