Custom clothing tags and labels

Custom clothing tags and labels are available in all shapes and sizes including kraft paper, thick card stock, PVC and vinyl.  We also offer options such as cotton, elastic, jute or ribbon string as well as metal eyelets. In addition to custom tags or labels, we also stock a limited selection white tags and labels that can be personalized in black printing only.

Custom black and white hangtag orders start at 1000 tags for $80.

What Are My Hang Tag Size Options?

There are so many different types and options of hangtags. Every product in every industry, starting form apparel through retail and industrial has some kind of hangtag affixed to its product.

In Apparel Industry the most common type of hangtag is made from: paper, cloth material, pvc, leather or metal. An eye catching tag hanging of your product will set a positive impression to a potential customer. A hangtag is a great way to display your brand name and perhaps additional information like website or tag line. Many hangtag manufacturers offer stock standard paper that are popular and will not break your budget.

A great way to promote your product with a little sophistication is a custom hangtag.

Custom quality hangtags will showcase uniqueness of your brand.

Here are some examples and size options

What Materials Can I Use For My Custom Printed Hang Tags?

When thinking about custom hangtags you may consider:

1/ paper hangtags:

  • Coated paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Recycle paper
  • Vellum

2/ cloth hangtags:

  • Cotton canvas
  • Denim
  • Organza
  • Satin

3/ synthetic:

  • Tyvek
  • PVC
  • TPU
  • Polyester
  • rubber

3/ other:

  • leather
  • metal

We offer paper from 7 point to 60 point thick paper. Paper weight is very important component to consider for your custom hangtag.To give an example, standard business card is approximately 10 pt. thick.Retail Price tag that you find in most Department Stores is 12 pt. thick.

Heavier paper often -conveys quality and -provides durability and it mostly used as a Brand Hang Tag. The U.S Basis Weight is not the easiest to understand and straight forward. Sorting through the printing method there are three common type of specifying paper weight and thickness:

*US Basis Weight: Bond, Book, Index, Cover, Tag, Points, Offset
*Metric Weight- GSM or G/m2 (Grams per Square Meter)
*Points and Mills

Each hangtag serves a specific purpose in every industry so please talk to your printer and paper manufacturer about your needs.

Different Custom Printed Hang Tag Size Options?

Hangtags are printed in any size; shape on paper as well other type of material like leather, PVC or cotton canvas.

Custom hangtags can be categorized for:

apparel branding, pricing, inventory, identification, gifting and special events. Creating stylish and interesting clothing hangtag is not easy for those who starting their own clothing business. If your budget allows going, go “big and bold’, crate “state of the art” identity to be widely recognized and talked about.

You may use generic size tag like square 2”x2” or rectangular 4”x2” but the most important is our design and message on your garment tag. As you probably have researched famous designers how they got famous, and what they are using for branding , you will find that they created something sophisticated that sets them apart from others.

Is there A Clothing Hang Tag Template?

It is very easy to follow a template to customize your tag however we at rapidtags always encourage our customer not to do that. Promote your business, clothing line, jewelry line with custom hangtag.

Create beautiful custom printed tags for your brand logo. Think outside the box, dare to be different and stand out from the crowd with your design. Just as much as any other brands, yours must take an impact on your target audience to record in their minds.

If you need to start small, start small but be persistent. If you fall, get up and do it again, perhaps with small changes. Analyze your errors, improve it and remind yourself your objectives every day.

There is no single formula for any success but there are ways to be successful. You must to offer something different and that ‘IT” can be only related to you.

Custom Hang Tags For Clothing

When it comes to choose custom hangtag for clothing you have a little homework to do.

As a business owner, you need to find the most suitable printing company to offer you the best paper for your branding needs.
Many high end designers do so much more than just a simple paper hangtag. They combine different paper weight stocks, texture, folding and embellishments with fabric, rubber and leather.

Here are few suggestions when searching for custom paper hangtags:

  • paper thickness
  • paper type: uncoated stock, coated stock, glossy, matte, kraft, recycle
  • paper finish: glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV coating
  • dimension
  • shape
  • color imprint – full color or spot color (we use Pantone Matching System)
  • special adds and embellishments: metal eyelets, stinging, safety pins, foil, debossing, embossing, distressing, shimmer coating

Do All Custom Hang Tags Use String?

For a complete, clean, and sleek look for your hangtags you may add a string.

We offer string:

Cotton- dye to match, cotton wax cord, jute/ twine, hemp, elastic, satin ribbon, metal ball chain and polyester.
You may also use simple plastic attacher  for less expensive option.

What Are Folded Hang Tags?

Folded paper hang tags are often called “booklet” tags. When choosing booklet hangtags you are limed to a paper thickness. Folded tags require scoring prior folding and for this reason 14 point thick paper or less can be used. Recommended use: Appointment Cards, Invitations, Note Card, Brand Tags with extensive and picture text content.

To the same category of folded tags we can add “Set Tags”. Set tags are individual single tags strung together. There is no limit to a paper thickness. Most often those tags contains variety of information in multiple languages, like user manual, fabric care and content, barcode and retail, vendor info, county of manufacturing.

Hang Tags Design Options?

Creativity and personalization Is always a key to showcase your Brand. Do not limit yourself to templets and clip arts. Find a way to show uniqueness and passion through your design. Sky is the limit!

Here are some popular options for custom hang tag designs:

Die cut Hang Tags

  • round corners
  • oval
  • circle
  • half circle
  • custom shapes like: butterfly, star, moon, car, floral

Retail Hang Tags

  • upc tags
  • barcoded integrated department stores tags

In addition to a brand hangtag, small boutiques and almost all department stores will require barcoded retail tags.

Each store has a vendor guideline with all ticketing and packaging requirements. Just to name few, we service following stores: Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, Boscov’s, Macys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Walmart, Spencer’s, Kohl’s, Target, JCPenney, Stage Stores, Fabco and Shopko.

Clothing Hang Tags

Paper is widely used to make garment Hang tags. However there are also tags like:

PVC, rubber, canvas, leather or fabric like woven damask, satin, variety of nylon or simple cotton.

Specially Hang Tags

Specialty hangtags are widely used in marketing and promotions, window displays, events, furnishing and automobile industry. From small to large print format, options are endless.

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