Clothing does for kids what it does for adults; it defines their personality and style. Looking at the size of the clothes, one may assume that kids clothing may cost half that of adults. Sadly, that is not the truth. But there are still designer brands available for kids clothing that will provide you with quality products without raking your bank account. These brands are known for their sense of fashion and durability, and make the kid stand out in the crowd and at the same time instil a personalized sense of fashion.


The most famous brand of all time is Carter’s with its subsidiary Oshkosh. They have a variety of children wear and popularity of the brand speaks a great deal of its quality and variety. Carter’s caters to kids and infants of all ages and is the best place to find clothes for all seasons. Be it winter gear or vibrant summer wear, there is not a thing you won’t find at Carter’s pertaining to kids.

  • GAP

Gap Kids allows you to shop for your kids to from head to toe. They have a range of adorable outfits for different age groups and sex which you can choose from. At Gap, you will find style and comfort with quality for boys, girls and toddlers alike. They claim their style to be clean and confident, comfortable, classic and modern.


They stock everything for girls and boy’s formal and casual wear, and a variety of products in between. You name it they got it. They have clothes for toddler boys and girls and also for infants. They also have school uniforms for kids and various backpacks for girls and boys. There is also a mini-me shop where you can get customized t-shirts for the entire family. And not only this, Children’s Place offers discount deals and rewards for regular customers.

  • H &M

H & M, a widely popular brand that caters to fashion wear for all. Affordable yet chic designs, they have a variety for summer wear. Their clothes are durable and offer great value for money. They have shoes and belts among other accessories for boys and girls. They also have infant clothes and romper sets that keep your child at ease in style.


Cotton on kids is a well-known brand of fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. They have a range of clothes like any other apparel brand for kids which includes knitwear, t-shirts, polo’s, dresses, swimwear, nightwear and accessories for the children. It is the most sought-after children apparel brand in America, although it is originally an Australian brand. Cotton on Kids also stocks newborn essentials, accessories and gifts. It’s a one-stop shop not only for kids, but for the entire family.


Every store is commited to make a differnce in enviroment by sourcing cotton from sustainable and ethical cotton farm.

In below links you will find a lot of usefull information about commitemnt, goals and progress being made in cotton production around the globe:


1/ http://cottonongroup.com.au/sustainability/environment/cotton-sourcing/

2/ https://www.gapincsustainability.com/environment/doing-our-part-climate

3/ https://www.gapincsustainability.com/product/product-sustainability

4/ https://hmgroup.com/sustainability/Planet/materials.html

5/ https://bettercotton.org/

6/ https://www.organiccottonaccelerator.org/

7/ https://textileexchange.org/integrity/

8/  https://global-standard.org/

9/ https://fsc.org/en

10/ https://textileexchange.org/integrity/

11/ www.organiccotton.org

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