RN numbers and CA Identification numbers on clothing labels

Did you ever question the significance of the RN number on clothing and textile goods? Look at the care and content label on clothing and more than likely you will see an RN number. RN or Registered Number is a number issued by the Federal Trade Commission if requested. They are given to businesses residing in the U.S. that are engaged in the manufacture, importing, distribution or sale of textiles, wool, or fur products. HOWEVER – Such businesses are not required to have an RN. Some companies choose to use the RN in place of a name on the label or tag that is required to be affixed to these products.

RN numbers and CA numbers on heat transfers and clothing labels


RN numbers or registered numbers

can be incorporated into all types of clothing labels like woven labels, care/content printed labels, hangtags and Tagless heat transfers. You can use the same RN number for all different items that you may produce. The Federal Trade Commission issues only one RN number per company. So, you don’t need a new RN for every style, color, size of your garments. RN numbers are free and only take a few days to have one assigned.


There is also an equivalent in Canada called a CA Identification number. Only Canadian manufacturers, processors or finishers of a textile fiber product or Canadians engaged in the business of importing or selling any textile fiber product are allowed to register for a CA Identification Number.


Here are some helpful links for RN or registered numbers

To apply for a RN number

Search your RN number to find its source

FAQ about RN from the FTC

To apply for a CA identification number


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