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Quality Assurance and Legal Compliance in Clothing Design

Quality assurance and legal compliance in clothing design is a multifaceted and essential process that ensures the highest standards of excellence in the fashion industry. By focusing on materials, construction, fit, design aesthetics, sustainability, ethical production, testing, and packaging, designers can create garments that meet the expectations and demands of consumers. Continue reading

A guide to Clothing Label requirements under the Textile and Wool Acts

We’ve been doing some research and have found an extremely helpful guide that will help answer many of the most common questions regarding clothing label requirements. Here are some of the questions that we are often asked: 1) Does the … Continue reading

RN numbers and CA Identification numbers on clothing labels

Did you ever question the significance of the RN number on clothing and textile goods? Look at the care and content label on clothing and more than likely you will see an RN number. RN or Registered Number is a … Continue reading