Hot Trend in Clothing and Apparel Labels: Hem Tags

What Is A Hem Tag?

A woven or printed hem tag or label is the newest trend in apparel and clothing, fast gaining popularity in the labeling industry. If you don’t know what they are, let us introduce you to the ingenious concept of hem tags. They are placed on the outside of a clothing item rather than sewn into a seam in the back neckline. They are usually folded. They can be placed at the bottom of the shirt, on the back, and on the lower end of the t-shirt sleeve.

In addition to arm sleeves, rim of the neck, or on the bottom hem, they can also be sewn on the side of the sleeve. These labels have quite an impact as they draw the consumer’s attention to the brand name. This effect is also known as successful product branding as it creates successful branding without requiring the consumer to look inside the clothing item.

The Best Size for Hem Tag

The most aesthetically appealing size for a hem tag is about 1″×1″. However, you can create hem woven labels to be any size that you deem suitable for your particular clothing item. Most hem tags are square shaped, but you can create a rectangular hem tag to accommodate your logo design or brand name.

HemLabel001Be Creative

Designing a woven hem label is generally a time-consuming process, requiring creativity and a lot of brainstorming. It can be difficult to create a logo or symbol that can work as a hem label. You want to create a powerful branding statement by a small label, which will represent not only your marketing strategy but also what your brand represents.

Often, a logo is all that you need. However, you may need to tweak it a little bit to accommodate the small size of the hem tag. Some designs also include double siding, which means that you place your logo and company name on one side and your website or a catchy tag line on the backside, which will catch the attention of user should they decide to flip it over.

Where Should You Place Your Hem Tag?

The hem tag can be placed in a variety of places as shown in the artwork above. This is what makes it suitable for all kinds of apparel and clothing items. It basically depends on how you want your final product to look like. For an effective placement, sew the hem tags on the sleeve, the bottom sided of the hem, the front pocket, on the area around the neck (neckline).

They are quite common on scarves, beanies, gloves and bags, in addition to shirts, t-shirts and pants or trousers. Determine how you want your final product to look like and work with that concept in mind. When designing, you can incorporate some sewing room. However, since the hem label is not being sewn into a seam, you will only give a small amount of sewing room. We suggest around .125″ for sewing. A regular woven label that is sewing into a seam would need .25″ sewing room.

All of these strategies and helpful information will help you determinate the best size, design and placement of hem tags for your clothing or apparel brand. So what are you waiting for?

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