Fall Trend – Plaids

Fall trends - Plaid
Fall trends - Plaid
Fall trends – Plaid

As it is famously said ‘History repeats itself’, the same goes in the fashion industry as well. How often do you see a fashion style or designs coming back to life after being dead for years? Ranging from signature haircuts to bizarre clothing patterns, fashion cycle repeats itself. Your mom will be able to tell you when the last time high waist jeans were a fashion statement was.

Like that the clothing patterns and colors return as well. There is always a color shade or a design that would fill up the whole magazine. This fall is the return of the plaid https://www.apparelnews.net/photos/galleries/2018/sep/20/celebrating-squareness/

Plaid has been one of the most successful and prevalent of the designs. Wherever you turn to, you would find someone wearing clothes of the same design. Plaids are also not limited to clothing, the fine-looking designs also made its way to other articles like rugs, curtains, sofas, runners, handbags, and even trolley bags. Plaids are undoubtedly one of the most accepted fashion statements.

Historically the design was called ‘tartan’ and comes from the Scottish clans. The British and American textile manufacturers adopted the design and made into several different colors and patterns. Today there are several types of plaid, each having its share of fame.

Clothing labels and the plaid design

Designers and brands are always looking to make a unique clothing label and hangtags. After all the uniqueness is what distinguishes them from the rest. Clothing labels have to be appealing and good enough to be remembered afterward. A unique design idea for clothing labels is using the plaid design. Previously we have seen woven labels, jeans labels, and leather labels. Having plaid designed clothing labels will bring something new to your brand.

Help your brand stand out with clothing labels

You want your brand to be bold and daring to try out new designs. That’s what customers want to see as well. They want their favorite brands to embrace changing fashion trends and adapt accordingly. Plaids have been tried and tested and given positive results over time. What hasn’t been tried with plaids is using them as clothing labels or hangtags. Using them in this new domain can help your brand stand out.

Everybody loves a good plaid design and catchy colors and with its return this fall, it is a chance for you to make it work in your favor. Adding a small plaid tag hanging from your shirt can catch the eye of the customer. If incorporated successfully with the clothes, any other products design, and the small tag will catch the eye of others. Getting your customized plaid designed clothing label or hangtags is something to consider, especially this fall when the catalogues and magazine will be filled with that design.`

Make the most of the customized clothing labels

by creating something others haven’t seen yet. This can become a game-changing year for you if you can catch up with the latest fashion trends.

Fall Trend - Plaids
Article Name
Fall Trend - Plaids
How often do you see a fashion style or designs coming back to life after being dead for years? A unique design idea for clothing labels is using the plaid design.
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