Care and brand labels for Athletic Wear

Who wouldn’t want to look good in their gym clothes? The flattering leggings, the smartly cut crop tops, legging that don’t stick or make legs itch after a run on the treadmill. Surprisingly, athletic wear does more than just give your butt a defined look. Athletic wear is designed with the theme ‘lifestyle” in mind. When designers launch their collections, they want their audience to not only pick a piece of clothing; but also to choose a lifestyle. Part of wearing athletic wear is also comfort. That can mean comfort from a sewn care label that rubs against your skin.

Enter Activewear: Where Fashion Meets Function

Rapidtags offers a variety of branding labels for athletic wear that won’t irritate and itch the consumer. The first option is an inexpensive tear away label that can be printed with your care/content info and also printed with the words “tear here” to let the consumer know it can be easily removed for comfort.


The second option is a heat transfer label. Heat transfers are very suitable for your brand identity. There are many different types of transfers. Each type is for a different fabric composition and/or your logo specifications. The third option is a natural cotton printed labels. Cotton is softer that synthetic fabrics and can be used for care/content and also for your brand logo. The fourth option is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) also called silicon sewing labels. This material is soft and smooth and very pliable. It sits closely to the garment and is available in any color combination.

Did you know that in 2015-2016, the active wear industry grew 7% as compared to the general apparel industry that only saw a growth of 1% in the same time? There must be a reason why today’s generation is investing as much as $90 on a pair of activewear leggings. Furthermore, the same industry represented 17% of the overall apparel market, promising no signs of a slowing. Brands like Alala, Koral, Lululemon and Sweaty Betty are among the biggest contributors to the success of the industry. Today, more and more people are daring to be different and opt for clothes that define them. But why branded Activewear?

It All Comes Down To Enclothed Cognition

According to a 2012 study conducted by two researchers, what we wear influences our thinking and the way we act. They called the phenomenon Enclothed Cognition. It refers to the mental changes one goes when they are wearing certain clothing. Two groups of volunteers were given different clothes to perform a few attention-related tasks. One group was given a lab coat while the other nothing special. The volunteers who wore the lab coats performed significantly well than those who didn’t have one. Thus, the scientists proved that our clothing has a symbolic meaning that changes the way we do things. The same is with brands. Activewear brands make us feel more energized, excited and enthusiastic to perform the task at hand –physical activity.

Comfort is a main contributor to the popularity of Athletic Wear. And comfort in clothing labels can best be attained by either tear away labels, cotton printed labels, heat transfers or TPU labels.

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