Bright white woven damask vs Regular Damask clothing labels

Bright White Damask vs Regular Damask
Bright White Damask
Regular Damask


We’ve been asked many times about having a woven label made with or without the “loose threads” on the back or having the colors not “see through” the background color of a woven label. What is this and what is the difference? How can we determine if the label will have a partial or full shadow?



This issue is most typical when white damask is used as the background color with a multicolor logo or design. When you see a label with “loose threads” on the back, it is usually woven on Bright white damask and will have a ‘partial shadow’. Imagine wearing dark orange underwear and white pants.

Bright White Damask w/partial shadow
Bright White Damask
w/partial shadow







A different option that offers a solid or ‘full’ shadow is to weave on regular damask as opposed to bright white damask. The multicolor logo or design threads are fully integrated into the background of the label to give a more uniform appearance. This would be like wearing orange leggings and white pants.

Regular Damask w/full shadow
Regular Damask
w/full shadow







There are pros and cons to each option. It’s all about YOUR vision and YOUR design. Our woven labels are 100% custom so email us.


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