Woven Labels: What is a shadow and how to avoid it

Many times we are faced with a problem in woven clothing labels when weaving colors on to a white or light colored background. It’s called a shadow. It’s caused by weaving a darker color behind a white or light background. I often compare it to wearing red underwear and white pants.

There are a few different ways to avoid a shadow on your woven garment label:

1. Ask us to do a continuous weave on your woven label if you have chosen a light colored background. A continous weave will make the background color run the full length of the label and will help with the appearance of the shadow. Using the sample analogy above: it would be like wearing red tights under your white pants. While the label will not be bright white, it will give the look of solid white because of the weaving technology.

2. Choose a darker color for the background. Sometime switching to a light cream color will be all that is needed to avoid a shadow.

3. Invert your colors. If your clothing label design is what with black letters/logo then consider switching it to a black background with white letters/logo.

Keep the information in mind when you are designing or preparing to order a woven label. We are always glad to assist you with any questions.

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