3 Ways to make your clothing line stand out from the pack.

Certainly there are many different options to consider when creating your line of clothing. Whether it was the need to improve on something already out there or a clever idea for something new and never seen before. Something inspired you to start it in the first place.

Here are three ways to make them tell their friends:

1.              Choose quality material. It sounds obvious. If you want people to spend $40 on your t-shirt or $90 on your scarf then make sure it looks like it’s worth the money! The best way to do that is to get to know the material. Test it. Wash it. Dry it. Wear it. See if it holds up to your standards. If it doesn’t then you can be sure it won’t stand up to your customers standards either and you’ll be left with a one time sale instead of returning customers.

2.              Be original. It’s normal to buy blank shirts and add embelleshments to improve them and make them unique. But something has to get the buyers attention from the hundreds of other styles out there. If you’re creating your clothing line from the ground up then you probably already have a spark that makes your design better or different from the competition. Keep it fresh.

3.            Create a brand identity. Your garment isn’t the only way to establish who you are as a designer. It’s also about your brand identity. A brand identity includes all the secondary items that go along with your clothing. Items like woven clothing labels, care and content labels, custom hangtags, heat transfers and price tags deserve your equal attention. All these things become synonymous with your brand. The advantage is that when you change a design or add a new item, the clothing label and logo remain a constant and build brand loyalty. Your customers will have confidence in your items and know that they are all quality and can be trusted.

Fabric printed labels, woven clothing labels and custom hangtags

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