The Resurgence of Denim Jackets

And the Clothing Labels That Give Them Style

DenimJacketPatchDenim has been through a lot. Prevalent in the 80’s and 90’s, it has been studded, adorned with cartoon characters, bedazzled, decorated with leather patches, leatherette labels, and even dipped in acid. The denim craze was the epitome of 90’s fashion and I’m sure we all remember the denim clad duo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake on the red carpet.

What we thought we had left behind in that exciting decade has snuck back in fashion in a much more discreet manner. One thing is for sure – the jean jacket is back, and it’s not going away anytime soon!

What’s Different about Them Now?

The return of the jean was triggered through the dedication of designers and the celebrity acceptance as we spotted Mila Kunis, Emmy Rossum, and January Jones sporting them.

The receipt of the denim jacket is a little different today as they embrace feminine style in a stronger manner. Not only were the jackets studded and acid washed, they were tailored for a masculine physique and looked boxy. A good example is that of Steven Alan’s vintage jacket, which is tailored perfectly for females and go towards sheer simplicity. Today’s Jean jackets are not only coming back they are adding daring styles with woven labels, faux leather, and leather patches.

Top Jean Jacket Brands to Look Out For

When in the denim jacket market, you want bang for your buck. As the jean jacket returns, most brands, and retail shops have started placing them in their collection.

Urban Outfitters

This Hooded Denim Trucker Jacket by Urban Outfitters combines the best of both worlds to deliver a chic and stylish look. The collaboration of two materials including woven labels, knitted long sleeves and hood along with a denim front and back makes this perfect for a day out. This soft, stretchy piece of clothing has been distressed in the front to stay true to the 90s denim tradition.

Nasty Gal

We absolutely love the Carefree Highway Denim Jacket introduced by Nasty Gal. This one is willing to take risks with an asymmetric zip and vintage look. In fact, it even dares to bring back the acid washed look in an amazingly chic way.

LeatherPatch001Forever 21

Minimalism and denim were two things that we didn’t believe could work together but Forever 21 just made it happen. The Life In Progress™ casual chambray jacket stands apart from the crowd with its two toned look, discreet clothing label, and a round neckline.


Leave it to ASOS to bring back black denim. The ASOS Longline Denim Jacket in Washed Black is made from 100% cotton and stays true to its 90s look with snap button cuffs and double pockets in the front.

American Apparel

The Unisex Denim Jacket by American Apparel looks like the 90s are in full swing with four outer pockets, two inner ones, and front buttons. The stretchable, bleached denim makes it perfect if you’re looking to be comfortable but still en vogue.

Esquire Fifth Avenue

This jean jacket with faux leather sleeves and leatherette labels is our favorite. The J Brand Coated Bowie Denim Jacket combines two extremely chic materials to deliver a unique look.



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