Marketing Your Clothing Brand: Entering the Fashion Industry in Style

Marketing a Clothing brandThe dream of becoming a fashion designer is fairly common – but making it to the top is a completely different story. Gaining success in the fashion world however isn’t about just having amazing design skills. You will also need a stellar promotional strategy to help get the word out on your clothing line.

In light of the sheer volume of advertising being thrown at us, it can be tricky for a start up designers clothing label to set themselves apart from the market and become the next big thing in the fashion industry.

Luckily, if you know how to play your cards right, you can be the next Ralph Lauren in no time.

Sell to Boutiques

Everyone has to start somewhere and until your brand gets stronger, you can bank on the credibility of a boutique. If you sell to boutiques, your work will be on display without the investment requirements. In fact, you may be able to build a great relationship with the owner. That will help with gauging what designs are in demand at the moment.

Set up a Trunk Show

These are absolutely amazing. Trunk shows allow you to reach out to just the right people with very little marketing effort. In addition, you will be able to interact with customers on a personal level and may even get a long term benefit from the day.

Sell Online

This is one of the best places to begin when you’re marketing your clothing label. Create a Facebook and Twitter business page for your product and update it frequently. Another great place for fashion designers to be is Pinterest and Etsy.

Starting a blog for your products will also come in handy. You will be able to gain a hefty following of individuals willing to learn tips and tricks. Again, it is very important to update and add new material and photos.

Press Releases

If you’re just starting off, this may be the best way to get the word out. Hire an outside business to handle the writing and distribution (they don’t cost much at all).

If you’re submitting it online, then you can even optimize the release for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO (don’t freak out) is using the right keywords to make sure you show up in search results every time someone Google’s ‘clothing brands’ or something similar.

The press release will also be a great opportunity to share a great story of how the product came into being and the work that went to creating it.

Hold a Fashion Show

If you have the financing to back you, a fashion show is a memorable marketing method for your clothing line. No one forgets a great party and you will be able to reach out to a larger number of potential buyers.

When considering attendants, go ahead and invite those already on your mailing list. You can even reach out to prominent designers or celebrities in your area and ask them to be the guest of honor. Once you have it all set up you can reach out to the media for some TV coverage.

Make a Look Book

This is essential for every designer. An online or physical portfolio of your creations will make it easier for relevant parties to gauge your skills or choose from your collection when buying. A look book typically contains images of the piece, the fabric used, the wholesale price and size information.

All the above suggestions will only help to make a great design grab the attention of the right people and catapult you into the world of fashion design.





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