Printed Label Design

Are you a rising clothing designer and want to promote your line? Or perhaps you are a stay at home mom or dad and want to sell your product with your name on it? If so, then nothing will work as effectively to enhance your brand identity than a custom label for your product line. You may find a lot of information on the web about clothing tags such as a simple black and white printed label. These can also be referred to as ‘low cost’ labels. Other options are multi-colored printed labels, tagless transfers or woven labels. You can read for days and still not know what to do with all the options available. We suggest that you do your homework and research what would work best for your product and your budget. No matter what you decide KEEP IT SIMPLE and you won’t go wrong.

Appearance… A new designer can get caught up in using their initials as a logo. The dilemma is that the public does not yet know you. It’s a better idea to consider an actual brand/logo that you’ve designed instead of initials. Then, in the future, it is easier to broaden your line and the logo is still relevant to other items.  Don’t forget to include your website, email or phone number on clothes tag. Keep in mind it is also important not to overload your label with too much information.  A busy label can be overwhelming and will get overlooked. Try to minimize what you have and use the content you need. The simpler and shorter your labels are, the more impact they will have. The examples below show you the difference between a nice, bold logo and simple care/content label vs. a clothing tag that has too much information and a poor choice in font.

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