Options for folding in Woven Labels

There are a number of different decisions to make when ordering a woven clothing label.

Here are the most common folding options of woven labels for retail or personal use:

1)      All edges fused – This option means that all 4 sides of the clothing tags are heat sealed and will not fray. These can be sewn on any or all sides.

2)      Left and right edges folded – This clothing label will arrive with only the left and right edges folded down. This option works great for sweaters, ties, etc…It will give a nice finished look.

3)      Centerfolded or “looped” – This option is the most common way to incorporate a logo and size on one side and your care/content/website on the other. It is made to sew across the top of the label and user can flip up to see back side.

Centerfolded Woven Damask Labels

4)      One edge fold – Consider having only one side folded under if you are sewing into a seam or want a woven tab look.

5)      Mitre fold – A mitre edge fold means the left and right edges are folded under and UP. Meant to sew into a top seam and gives a nice finished look.

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Mitre Fold in Damask

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