7 Reasons to choose organic woven or printed clothing labels

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful insecticide or pesticides. It is grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals. The absence of harmful dye is what gives cotton its natural color. There are many benefits of choosing clothing labels made from natural organic cotton. Here’s just a few.

1) Organic growing is better on the environment. Eco-friendly harvesting and processing can help lower our carbon footprint.

2) It’s better on your skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin or skin allergies then having a natural fiber next to your skin is always a good idea.

3) The clothing labels are softer and more pliable. With the absence of dyes and starches, the material feels softer.

4) Your clothing can be certified as eco-friendly or totally organic. If your clothing made from natural or organic materials then with the addition of an organic clothing label you can have your items certified as organic.

5) Be different. Having a natural colored organic woven or printed clothing label will give your customers another reason to buy your designs.

6) Versatile – Having a natural color makes them easier to match whatever color or design scheme you may have.

7) Pricing. You may think that organic labels are going to be more expensive than traditional clothing labels but in fact they are around the same price. And with an increase in demand, pricing will only go down.

Having an organic woven label or printed cloth label can be the small extra that makes your design hard to ignore.

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