Emotionalist – Show your emotions and beliefs without talking

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You can’t be someone else. But you can be yourself! People will no longer pass you by without a second glance! Provoke unconscious reactions and start interesting conversations by choosing unique Etags.






Change your offline status whenever you like

Imagine, you could change your offline status whenever you like. The problem is that you need 10 t-shirts for 10 emotions. You have a t-shirt for party, t-shirt for running..

With Emotionalist you need just one. Affix a tag to Emotionalist T-Shirt, or any article of clothing based on what you’re feeling and start expressing who you are.


With our shirt and etag™ labels, you don’t have to change your clothes multiple times a day. Just change the label on the same shirt. An Etag™ label is satin printed label that has a unique word or phrase that expresses an emotion, attitude, belief or characteristics.

Each Etag is available in black or white with gold lettering. The backside of the label has Velcro to allow you to change them instantly. You can even use Etag labels on your own clothing.Just peel, stick and iron on the Velcro backing to your favorite shirt, jeans, backpack, hat or any other item!

Emotionalist T-shirts

Emotionalist t-shirts come ready to go with velcro on the left arm and an Etag label. You can remove and replace the label at any time, depending on how you feel or what you would like to express. Simply peel the back off the Etag and put it where you want it.

“How to have fun with Emotionalist”

We also created “Call to action etags“. You can encourage others to action. What would happen, if you would wear “Hug me” or “Make me Laugh” etags?

The best ice breaker is to say nothing at all. Have your shirt do all the talking.

Are you going to the party? Stick the “Let`s party!” or “Join Me!” etag on. OR EVEN BOTH!

Feeling alone? Go with “Need a Friend” or “Looking for love” etag.

Are you feeling ATTRACTIVE? There’s an etag for this!

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1000 Natural Cotton Printed Labels $225 (online only)

Natural cotton material with 1 or 2 color imprint

Any size up to 6 square inches. To calculate: multiply the length x height for total square inch.

Offer can include up to 4 size lots if needed (example: S, M, L, XL) at no additional cost.

Offer includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping to US only. Lead time is 10 business days.

Artwork: We prefer camera ready vector files such as .pdf, .cdr, .eps or .ai file types. Other file types may require additional art fees.