5 of the Current Most Popular Fonts

The font you use changes the entire look of your sign – whether it’s your blog or your product description mentioned on the packaging. The font your text is written in has the power to change what it means to your customers. That’s not because the words change their meaning with changing fonts but because the font of your text forms the first impression about you and your precut.

When we see a design or an ad with text on it – we are very likely to either be attracted or be put off due to the font that has been used in writing that text. Most of the time, we even end up ignoring the text written at a certain place if we don’t like the font that has been used. This is why people are always advised to use the right font in their designs and logos to communicate with their audience easily.

Clothing brands also need to use the right font on their clothing labels to ensure their customers are not put off by their choice and are willing to read the text written. Hence, today we are sharing 5 of the current most popular fonts being used in designs and logos. Take help from this list and use the right font for your designs!

5 Most Popular Fonts

1.      Helvetica Now

Trends come and go, but this one font has been the most in-demand font for the past few years. This is the one font that is most ubiquitous and used worldwide – especially in branding and marketing.  Helvetica has been recently redesigned and redrawn to be more expansive and clear. This font style is known for its neutrality, simplicity, and clarity, which is why it is used so commonly.

2.      Garamond Pro

Garamond pro is another very popular and one of the most sued fonts worldwide. The font family has many versions so far, but the most famous one is the Adobe Garamond Pro – the version which was released in 1989. This font is popularly used in websites, textbooks, and magazines because it is the perfect choice for long texts. It was also recently named the second-best font by a german publication.

3.      Proxima Nova

It was released in 2005 and since then has been labeled as the all-purpose modern sans font. It is truly a complete rewording of the popular Proxima Sans. The font is perfect in designs to give your label a professional and minimal look. There are a whopping 144 styles in the Proxima Nova font family, and the style is often described as the hybrid of Akzidenz Grotesk and Futura.

4.      FontFont Din

FontFont Din or commonly known as FF Din, is a famous font that is known to be a classic when it comes to text. This font is extra lightweight and thinks, which gives it an old-style yet elegant look. This was created between 1995  and 2009 and quickly became famous for professional text. This font has a technical appearance with linking figures and is popularly used in posters, packaging, editorials, and billboards. This font is mostly marketers’ first choice in signage.

5.      Avenir Next

Avenir Next Pro is a classic; it is an updated and stylistic version of the famous Sans Serif typeface. This font family contains a wide range of fonts, from extra light to heavy-looking text. This font style is most famous in graphic designs because of its sensible appearance and harmonious look.

Most Popular Fonts for this Year

Many popular fonts are used commonly in graphic designs and advertisements. However, just like changing trends, the trend for fonts also changes every year. This year the fonts listed above are the most famous, so if you are designing your labels and logos – don’t forget to incorporate the best fonts from this year!


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