Walmart RFID – Benefits and Implementation

Walmart RFID: What is it and why is Walmart implementing their use?

Walmart uses RFID to Increase efficiency. This technology saves time and money through faster inventory processes. Aligns with the growing use of RFID in the shipping and logistics industry.

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. An RFID system has three main components: an antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder. The antenna and transceiver work together to transmit radio waves. When the transponder receives the signal, it sends information back to the transceiver.  The transceiver then decodes the raw data.

For the most part, RFID systems serve a similar purpose to a regular UPC or EAN. Along with a unique serial number (yes, every single tag or label has a different number encoded in the chip), RFID tags contain information about the product. That said, there’s two major advantages that RFID has over traditional barcodes.

Walmart RFID
Walmart RFID

Because RFIDs use radio waves, there’s no need for a direct line of sight. This has a few significant ramifications. On top of being able to scan from anywhere, as long as the signal is strong enough, you can also read multiple tags simultaneously.

Workers can scan exponentially more tags in a fraction of the time, greatly reducing manpower requirements. This directly leads to the second benefit: lower labor costs. Implementing RFIDs can be an expensive endeavor, but it will pay itself off by reducing labor costs.


The Walmart RFID mandate policy is in place to improve customer satisfaction.


This is undoubtedly part of the reason, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture either. Even compared to other retail powerhouses, Walmart buys, sells, and moves enormous amounts of products. The increased efficiency of RFIDs saves them exponentially more time and money than most other stores. In Walmart’s case, it’ll also help on the logistics side of things. RFIDs are becoming widespread in the shipping and logistics industries, something that Walmart has a vested interest in maintaining.

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The new Walmart RFID mandate is another significant step that shows a promising future for this technology in the retail industry. We print hangtags and stickers for National Brands.

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Walmart RFID - Benefits and Implementation
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Walmart RFID - Benefits and Implementation
Walmart RFID - Decode the meaning behind the adoption. Learn how RFID technology improves efficiency for both Walmart and its suppliers.
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