The Best Online Programs And Apps To Help In Clothing Design

The Best Online Programs And Apps To Help In Clothing Design

As the world is rapidly becoming more advanced in terms of tech, everything is mostly done through software and applications to be more interactive with the customers and make all the things and processes online for the ease of the users. Technology is contributing a lot in helping the designs of the clothes and products. There are many online programs and applications that help us in designing and making interactive labels or hangtags like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Optitex, BlueCherry, Delogue etc.

Today, clothing designers are now focusing more on designing as customers are actively interacting with design and colours. Moreover, every designer has their own choice of programming software or application that offers both pros and cons.  Here are a few applications which are most commonly used today: 


There are many software available for designing labels and hangtags. Photoshop is the first option that every designer prefers to use. It is most commonly used for designing and making logos, photos, labels, hangtags etc. Photoshop has many pros and cons. The pros include the major fact that it is the number one software globally used for all sorts of editing and designing. Moreover, it only costs a reasonable amount in terms of paid subscription. The only con Photoshop has is the fact that its interface can prove to be really overwhelming for a first time user. Read more about Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another online program which helps in designing. The advantage of this software is that if you want to work with vector and graphics, Adobe Illustrator is the best option you can have for creating interactive designs. On the contrary, the biggest con is the UI because just when a designer gets familiar with the current version, the parent company rapidly releases a new version, making it difficult for a person to develop a grip. Read more about Illustrator here.


If you want to inspire your customers and want to create multiple designs without any restriction and obligation, CorelDraw is the best option for designers who want to inspire. CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor that has the most extensive features for editing. The main advantage of CorelDraw is that its interface is interactive and customized and it also has training videos for you to get help while using CorelDraw. Every application has its cons too, similarly, CorelDraw has no Mac version and the navigation in CorelDraw is difficult. However, we use CorelDraw at Rapidtags and were able to learn and navigate with minimal time using Youtube online tutorials. Read about CorelDraw.


Optitex offers a great end to end solution specifically for the Fashion & Apparel industries. Using their 3D Design Illustrator, Real-time validation and customization of 3D garments in Adobe Illustrator. Utilize the fine-tuning capabilities of Adobe Illustrator to create stylish garments with complex prints.Improve collaboration between pattern makers, designers and vendors by validating designs ready for digital or sublimation printing direct from Adobe Illustrator. Read more about it here.


Delogue is the most successful and highly productive application which has many features including measurement chart templates, colour combination matrix and a lot more. Everything about the styles is easy to find in Delogue. The con of Delogue is that the cards and icons are not adjusted properly which makes it a bit difficult and hard to use. Here is more information about Delogue.

ConceptDraw Diagram

The ConceptDraw diagram is another program that offers you to do designing in 2D. For yard designing, ConceptDraw diagram tool is the best option due to its simplicity and ease. Secondly, you will find many features or landscaping templates. The con of ConceptDraw diagram is that it is only for Mac. Here is more information on ConceptDraw.


SmartDesigner is a designing program for designers and a CAD solution for textile, apparel, and similar industries related to it. It has an interactive user interface for the designers to enjoy while working on it. The main con of SmartDesigner is that it has many features, templates, and patterns which make it difficult for a new user to develop a strong grip. You can read more about this software here.

It is also important to note that there are many new designers using their mobile devices for design. The use of mobile apps are great, however, the files that are created are often lower in quality and resolution and may not offer the best image quality. Given all the great choices above, read and choose the best option for your future!

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