Leather and Leatherette Clothing Labels

More and more often clothing designers try and find alternatives to having clothing labels sewn or ironed on the inside of garments and accessories because the call for comfort and simplicity are still high. While the traditional woven labels, printed labels or heat transfers are still in the highest demand, many are turning to leather and synthetic leatherette patches for branding purposes. These patches can be sewn on the outside of items instead of using the more common printed or woven labels to convey brand identity, sizing and logos. Some of the advantages of leather or leatherette are durability (the will last infinitely longer than a woven or printed label), uniqueness (they will stand out from competition), size (incorporate sizes on the labels), shape (these patches can be cut into shapes other than rectangle) and gets better with age (they get softer with washing and drying). Although these one of a kind patches are generally more costly than a woven clothing label or printed label they are worth your consideration simply because of the infrequency of use. It will, without a doubt, make your items stand out from your competition.

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